AI Year in Review 2019 - Cover
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Welcome to Acquisition International’s Year in Review. In this special supplement we will be catching up and paying homage to some of our success stories from the last year.

Despite facing challenges on numerous fronts, the leading lights featured in this supplement have thrived and flourished, going from strength to strength through extraordinary leadership, creativity and innovation.

These firms and individuals have forged and secured their status as industry leaders by providing the highest quality of specialised service and by harnessing indisputable expertise in their chosen sectors. They have constantly adapted, improved and excelled to become exemplary businesses that are working to define and redefine the future of their respective industries.

Some have entered the sphere as disruptors, challenging best practices and pushing the boundaries of peer and client expectations. Others are long-established entities driven by a need to stay at the cutting edge. All are pace-setters, determining and discerning the path ahead for others to follow in their footsteps.

So, from all of us here at AI magazine, we hope you enjoy reading our Year in Review. Let’s see what new heights are reached in the year to come.