Serafim Sotiriadis

Experience is one of the most valuable things that a lawyer can have in their arsenal of services when working on behalf of a client. An experienced lawyer can reach into their own knowledge to come up solutions that many others simply would not be able to. That is certainly the case for the Leading Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Business Restructuring Lawyer of the Year, Greece, Mr Serafim Sotiriadis. We profile both the man and his firm, Serafim Sotiriadis and Associates Law Firm to learn more about what they both have to offer.

Since its inception, Serafim Sotiriadis and Associates has specialized in insolvency law, restructuring, bankruptcy, and other insolvency procedures that includes special administration amongst others. In general, the law firm deals with distressed companies which aim to settle their debt obligations and resolve their legal relationships with their creditors. In addition, the firm provides legal consultancy services to investors seeking to participate in non-performing loan processes. The core founding mission of the firm has always been to best service its clients in the most efficient manner. Every single case tried by the firm, and Mr Sotiriadis himself, is unique and therefore requires its own unique and specialized approach. The team do not apply the usual legal recipes and pre-formulated solutions. Instead, they methodically examine the facts in each case, and bring the expertise of the whole team to bear on it.

Mr Sotiriadis himself is the founder and inspiration for the work that Serafim Sotiriadis does as a business. He is one of the leading lawyers in Greece, particularly in the field of bankruptcy law and the business consolidation process. Recognized on a very large pioneering and inventive scale, Mr Sotiriadis has rightly established himself as a distinct personality in the above field, and has associated his name with many of the important issues that have occupied Greek society in recent years. He is also a regular honorary speaker at the most important conferences and workshops on business consolidation and bank loan restructuring.

The key element to the firm’s ongoing success is the combination of this legal expertise and in-depth understanding of the economic environment, with the wealth of experience that the business has in the Greek banking sector. These elements make Serafim Sotiriadis understand the needs of every single client, promoting the most suitable solution in every case. Also ,the management of the firm has invested in the formation of a specialized team which consists of experienced and motivated lawyers. These exceptional staff members serve clients that include major banks and companies in the fields of construction, energy, clothing, furniture manufacturing, shipbuilding, investment, and craft, as well as a number of investors and funds with a Greek presence. Due to the unique nature of the firm’s expertise, and number of lawyers and legal firms also entrust their clients to Serafim Sotiriadis in cases relating to the areas in which it specializes.

Whilst knowledge may be the greatest non-physical asset that the firm boasts, the staff are undoubtedly the greatest personal asset to Serafim Sotiriadis as a business. The firm’s “invest in people” approach has remained intact over the years, and during the recent crisis of the country since its establishment. One of the main goals is for the staff to be infused with the firm’s culture, and that is the key to its long-standing success. However, the recent crises in Greece and around Europe have not meant that the firm has escaped unscathed. In relation to these challenges, the firm had to deal with a severe recession that damaged the country in every aspect.

Nevetheless, Serfim Sotiriadis did manage to tackle all the obstacles posed during this time period by retaining the same level of the provided services. Also, the current health crisis with COVID-19 is expected to shake the grounds again all over the world, but the solid foundation of the firm will see it through. Ultimately, the firm is truly excellent, and Mr Sotiriadis’ expertise and experience at the helm will no doubt continue to guide it towards greater heights of success in the future.