Woman giving a presentation at work

A solid corporate presentation is more than just a collection of attractive slides. Whether you’re giving a presentation to investors, senior executives, or your potential customers, you must make a strong image of yourself to ensure that you stand out among the other speakers.

Some people panic while giving a presentation in front of people, mainly when the audience entails essential business people, such as investors or your employer. If you are among those, then don’t worry; you are at the right place. Consider following the below discussed tips and then feel the change; you will deliver a solid business presentation as a result.

1. Know your subject matter:

Before you appear in front of your audience, ensure that you have a solid grip over the material that you are about to present. You might have incorporated many tools like visual aids, slide templates, notes, etc, to help you get through the presentation successfully. But keep in mind that they can’t beat your expertise or even match it. Hence, it’s better not to rely on them solely; you must know the subject matter from the inside out so that you can communicate to your audience effectively.

2. Be passionate about what you’re doing:

Your audience will possibly get bored of your presentation if you consider it just a job and take it for granted. Thus, if you want the audience to be attentive and interested while presenting, you must be passionate about the subject. 

Your body language and your expressions reflect what you have in mind. Therefore, one may judge you rapidly whether you are or not passionate about it. By body language, we mean how you speak, if you make eye contact or the way you walk around on the stage. Hence you must take it seriously because if you emit bad vibes, then the possibility of influencing the audience decreases. 

Try not to just read out from the slide; only keep them for a reference. Practice delivering the presentation before so that you know how to do it. Remember your audience will react better to the presentation if you personalize your interactions with them. Make eye contact with all the people in the crowd, from time to time, so they know you’re paying close attention to them separately.

3. Arrive early to give a final check to the setup:

Many business presentations fail while execution when one is not familiar with the place in which he/she will be presenting. Hence, ensure that you reach the venue at least 30 minutes before delivering and give the setup a final check.

Assure that everything is working efficiently; laptop, speakers, or the projector. Transfer or download files if you want any from your USB or email on the laptop available there. However, if the venue doesn’t have all the equipment, then you may take your things along and set them up efficiently. 

4. Utilize visual aids:

According to a study, visuals assist people in remembering information for a longer time. Hence, utilizing appealing visuals liberally throughout the presentation would help you achieve your goal.

Pictures, films, and art are all excellent ways to convey your message and pique the audience’s interest. To incorporate them in your presentations, you can utilize business PowerPoint templates which are primarily designed for business presentations. Infographic slides in these templates help you present complex subject matter simpler and more understandably. In addition, they incorporate data visualization, such as pie charts, bar graphs, and much more. Utilizing them can make the boring numbers look interesting.

However, remember not to overdo the slides. Overdoing your slides distracts your audience, losing interest in you. Hence, one point per slide would do great or use bullet points. It doesn’t matter if the number of slides exceeds. The more the slides, the better it would be as you’ll give a clearer picture of the discussion being taken place. 

5. Open with a strong stance:

To establish the standard for the rest of your business presentation, begin with a bang. For example, you may begin with a startling statistic that causes the audience to sit up and take notice or a quotation that compels people to listen right away. On the other hand, you might alternatively begin with a captivating image, a fascinating video, or a compelling personal tale.

Keep in mind that initial impressions are crucial. Therefore, you must persuade your audience that their valuable time would be worthwhile for your business presentation.

6. Establish objectives for your business presentation:

Set the goals you want to achieve during your time on stage right at the start of your presentation. Doing this will give your audience a reason why they should pay attention and how that will benefit them.

As the audience experiences the earlier stated objectives being fulfilled during the presentation, they will get a feeling of accomplishment and purpose in successful communication. Also, they will be encouraged to remain tuned to what you have to say further. Moreover, these objectives will also aid your audience in remembering key aspects from your business presentation, ensuring a good Q&A session.

7. Engage with your audience through stories:

Statistics, intellectual arguments, and even quotations fail to engage with people in the same way that stories do. The stories can either be about personal experiences or can be about the business journey, or even customers.

For instance, you can highlight the issues faced by the customer as a villain of the story and how your product or service helped the customer in resolving the issue as a hero of the story. Making up a little won’t harm to make it engaging but don’t exaggerate; keep it brief and relatable. The objective is to create an emotional bond with your audience so that your message sticks. Don’t go overboard or stray from your main argument.

8. A hint of business-friendly humor won’t harm:

Nothing is more soothing than a speaker who makes you laugh throughout a long lecture. Especially when the lecture has loads of stats and complex findings, which results in boredom. Once the audience loses interest in your presentation, the chances of persuading them will decrease, which is not what we want.

Hence, adding a little humor to your presentation and establishing a conversational tone can keep your audience’s attention. However, keep in mind that this is a business presentation, don’t overdo it because then your audience will not take you seriously. If you think you are losing interest, you can introduce any fun element to it; otherwise, avoid it if you are not naturally good at it. 


If you don’t give presentations very often, then presenting in front of the corporate group can be nerve-wracking. But don’t be put off by the procedure. Instead, use the important advice discussed in this article. It will restore your self assurance, and you will confidently give a successful proposal the next time you appear.