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Article Image - DXCorr Design Inc. Architect in Embedded Physical IP
Posted 2nd August 2022

DXCorr Design Inc. Architect in Embedded Physical IP

A pioneer in the semiconductor industry, DXCorr design is a product based semiconductor company that facilitates SoC design solutions with in-house IPs, incorporating complex memory SRAMs, CAMs, Multiports, memory subsystems, and standard cells.

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DXCorr Design Inc. Architect in Embedded Physical IP
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A pioneer in the semiconductor industry, DXCorr design is a product based semiconductor company that facilitates SoC design solutions with in-house IPs, incorporating complex memory SRAMs, CAMs, Multiports, memory subsystems, and standard cells. DXCorr develops these driving edge physical IP arrangements in cutting edge technology and provides a broad spectrum of performance across applications.

DXCorr was established in 2006 in Sunnyvale, USA, with an objective to bring together the best facet of hardware design and software development, thereby expediting chip design and silicon delivery. The technological advancement in mobiles, tablets, smart watches and other similar devices in the first decade of the 21st  century gave prominence to ASIC designs. Prerequisite to this increasing complexity is to critically optimize each processor core in an SoC (System-on-Chip) to meet the power, performance, area (PPA), yield, and application specific cost goal. This is necessitated by the typical requirement from a client in the VLSI universe – the need to provide the best possible PPAL (power, performance, area and leakage – global metrics of semiconductor design) in the shortest time frame. This is the sweet spot that all design houses try to achieve during project execution, and DXCorr overcomes this constant challenge for every project with utmost efficiency. Thanks to its battle-tested core of domain experts and its enviable suite of in-house tools, successful projects are delivered on time and with top-notch quality. The principle of self-reliance was what led to the establishment of DXCorr, and it continues to guide the firm till date. Going forward DXCorr aims to develop a model product portfolio that will serve as an industry benchmark for years.


DXCorr’s flagship offers a semiconductor memory portfolio in multiple nodes, running the spectrum from SRAM, MRAM, and, lastly, TCAM. This is elaborated in the following paragraph.

DXCorr develops high performance and high density SRAMs and MRAMs. DXCorr works on the latest low power process nodes such as 7nm & 14nm finFET, 22nm & 12 nm FDSOI, 28nm & 40nm. DXCorr elegantly resolves the conflict in concurrent read & concurrent write operations in two-port SRAMs. Power-efficient, high speed binary and ternary CAMs make its clients stand out in a market that craves faster networks and more efficient processors. The extensive understanding of custom design allows DXCorr to significantly improve the performance of various custom logic and arithmetic functional blocks in multiple process nodes.


DXCorr works on the bleeding edge of VLSI design. While others are just beginning to tape out on 5nm, DXCorr has already begun fundamental research into SRAM compilers at the 2nm node, years in advance, ensuring that we have years of experience in new technologies by the time our customers are considering them. DXCorr is next to groups like IMEC, TSMC, and ARM.


On the leading edge of AI, DXCorr has brought the same approach that the memory IP industry has used for years to its proprietary Neural Compiler. With the push of a button, and without hiring engineers at all, our customers can tape out a full-custom AI chip down to GDS, tailored specifically to their models and workloads. For our customers,  there’s no need to run machine learning benchmarks like MLPerf and extrapolate the performance of their workloads — they can rest assured that the chip will have near 100% utilization, a promise that no AI chip company in the world can deliver on. For instance, Tesla could put their AI models into our Neural Compiler and get a chip 100% optimized to their models, instantly, instead of only delivering a general-purpose accelerator that mostly optimizes for lowest-common-denominator models like ResNet-50.

Our customers could do it themselves — many have very capable and experienced teams of their own. The default strategy for leading-node digital teams is to raise half a billion dollars to deliver a product. DXCorr provides a better solution. In fact, DXCorr ensures that your tape out happens with a fraction of that price.


The credit for DXCorr’s success is due largely to the irrepressible optimism that all its engineers bring to projects. DXCorr’s prime requirement is the ability to face challenges and put in the hard yards required to overcome them.

“We believe in unshackling the creativity of our staff and allowing them the liberty to approach problems from any suitable angle. Our philosophy has been one of nurturing and rewarding merit and fostering an ecosystem of unified problem solving. This allows for the adoption of relevant ideas, irrespective of the source”, shares Nirmalya Ghosh, CEO, DXCorr.

To stay ahead of the pack and as a testament to self-reliance, DXCorr continues to develop various in-house tools & techniques that push the boundaries of the whole design process. Each step of the process is independently analyzed, worked upon and seamlessly delivered to the next level. Our design teams are individuals with domain expertise working on different angles to provide solutions for a given problem in the shortest time frame possible.

The impetus to this approach is provided by the leadership, which is found in the trenches with the typical employee, busy at work, trying to optimize, innovate and improve. This allows ideas to flow thick and fast. This cerebral amalgamation will give birth to the next big thing that will take DXCorr to greater heights of success and industry leadership.


DXCorr provides employees with continuous training and development opportunities to hone their skills for maximum efficiency. Our employees turn challenges into opportunities every day through their inventiveness, tenacity, and passion. Together, we break new ground. Employees are encouraged to explore sub-domains other than their own to develop a holistic understanding of VLSI. The exposure of the fact helps in cross-domain training. It also allows them to fine-tune their core domain basics and develop much deeper overall knowledge beyond boundaries. This approach naturally leads to their involvement in the latest technologies and industry trends.

“There are no ‘holy cows’ in DXCorr’s philosophy. Every idea can and must be challenged. This is made possible due to a significant lack of hierarchy. The only thing that matters is the idea. Every employee is at liberty to question existing approaches and suggest improvements. The process of thought is unrestricted”, adds Sagar Reddy, CTO, DXCorr.


The biggest challenge DXCorr has faced lately has been to continue operating with the same cohesion that the company enjoyed before the pandemic. The onset of COVID-19 has brought the people at DXCorr closer as a team. The prospect of extended work from home sounds daunting to say the least, but the team ensured that the show went on as planned. Each individual realized the value of time and how best to use it most efficiently.

“Time management was already running at high efficiency prior to Covid but has reached new peaks after work-from-home became the norm. Even though we are no longer working face-to-face, we now have the confidence that we can solve our toughest problems due to our online flexibility and creativity”, affirms P. Naga Srinivasa Reddy, India operations head, DXCorr.


DXCorr has made and will continue to make significant progress in establishing a homegrown R&D unit, which will serve to finetune DXCorr’s designs and processes. The firm had invested in growing its artificial intelligence, analog design, and machine learning capabilities a few years ago, which is now bearing fruit, thereby giving the firm more sub-domains of influence in the VLSI Industry.

DXCorr is constantly attempting to infuse its in-house tool development with the most practical aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). These are 2 upcoming domains where the handshaking of  hardware-software interplay have the potential to dramatically alter humanity’s course for the betterment.

In order to expedite SoC design delivery, there is an ongoing effort to develop next-generation analog IPs and interfaces to optimize inter and intra chip communication. DXCorr has steadily developed a homegrown analog portfolio consisting of high-speed and high-bandwidth SerDes in multiple nodes, analog sub-systems like ADC, DAC and GPIOs, and supporting circuitry for next generation MRAM designs. The ultimate aim is to transfer all redundant aspects of chip development to the actual computer, thus freeing up human mind space to solve upcoming problems.


DXCorr’s services come with the guarantee to deliver the same reliable and consistent quality. This evidence of excellence has allowed it to connect with some of the best semiconductor giants in the chip industry worldwide. Whilst many of its competitors fall into a ‘one size fits all’ mentality, DXCorr bucks this trend, instead preferring a way of working that is highly tailored to match the specifications of a client. Looking ahead to the rest of 2022 and beyond, DXCorr is pleased to announce that there are many more projects in the pipeline to be released. Our team has been working tirelessly throughout the past year to establish its own homegrown R&D unit, thereby further improving their internal processes and perfecting their designs. With this unit in place, it hopes to be able to further invest in its artificial intelligence pursuits, the intent being, to contribute to that market as it is one of the fastest growing sectors amongst technological innovators. Our work lies at the heart of and behind the technologies that benefit billions of people every day.

This is just one of the ways it will be enhancing its portfolio going forward as it continues to corner the market. The confidence that is seen in potential employees is reassuring. DXCorr’s efforts to provide an ecosystem resulted in a systematic shift in how young India relates to VLSI as a life-changing combination of fulfilling employment and generational nation building.

“We’re ready for the future, and can’t wait to meet it,” signs off Nirmalya.

For business enquiries, contact Nirmalya Ghosh from DXCorr Design Inc. on their website – https://www.DXCorr.com/

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