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Article Image - Best Optical Industry Business Advisors – UK
Posted 20th May 2016

Best Optical Industry Business Advisors – UK

Profits in Focus are the only accountants and business advisors who specialise in the optical industry.

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Best Optical Industry Business Advisors – UK

Best Optical Industry Business Advisors – UK

Profits in Focus are the only accountants and business advisors who specialise in the optical industry. With over 30 years’ experience you are in safe hands to lead you through the complexities of all aspects of working in the optical industry.

We at Profits in Focus pride ourselves on offering a professional service to the optical industry. We help businesses to take opportunities whilst ensuring that our clients maintain their regulatory responsibilities. By using our services, you will be able to build on your achievements to succeed in realising the full potential of the business.

We offer a bespoke professional service to optical industry to ensure they maximise the opportunities available to them in this dynamic environment. We have experts who specialise in this industry to fulfil all of your needs. We seek to be your first contact at any point where you require a helping hand achieving your goals. Our professionals are at hand to ensure that your business runs smoothly and will collaborate with you to ensure you get your desired result.

Our innovative & ground breaking services stretch across all areas of business to make a real difference to you. Our service is uniquely tailored to the optical industry. We work in partnership with you in order to identify all the internal and external factors that could influence your business then work with you to maximise the positive opportunities available to you.

By partnering with Profits in Focus with our multitude of experts we can help you to navigate the path to maximise all of the opportunities you find presented to you. Our expertise covers a wide range of disciplines as we ensure you are able to fulfil your needs whilst exceeding your expectations.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy can be encapsulated into one word: TRUST. We recognise that to many in the optical industry their business is more than just a 9 to 5, it is their reputation, it is their integrity and it is their pride. They have nurtured this from humble beginnings to where it stands now on its journey. We realise that it takes a lot to trust someone with your business so when we begin our partnership with your business we foster your trust and grow this into a prosperous and uninterrupted relationship which is mutually beneficial to all parties. We fully appreciate that all actions have consequences both positive and negative so we work hard to ensure our activities do not only positively affect our clients and ourselves but also society more widely, both through our actions and advice. We feel this builds a sustainable business that truly lies at the heart of the global community.

Our philosophy is embedded in every quantum of Profits in Focus to ensure we offer a positive and distinct service to our clients. It helps to guide our strategy both internally and how we positively shape the global community

School fee planning

Cutting the cost of school fees with effective tax planning is nothing new but what we offer is the complete package for our clients. We found one of our clients’ biggest expense is school fees with the average cost for a ‘day’ pupil £13,194 and the cost for borders £30,000 (Source BBC July 2015). With this in mind we developed a solution that allows directors of limited companies to issue dividends to a trust which directly pays the school fees.

Professional solution

Profits in Focus professional is a bespoke solution for the optical industry. As the government continue to pursue Umbrella companies along with managed service companies we recognised the need for a new product for our clients who currently use an umbrella based solution. Working closely with both our accountants & our legal experts we are proud to offer the Profits in Focus professional solution.

From speaking to clients we heard that you wanted an all-encompassing product to take care of invoicing, credit control, and bookkeeping along with ensuring you retained a higher percentage of your earnings whilst staying on the right side of the law. Put simply we take the hassle out of being self-employed to enable you to concentrate on what you are good at.

We offer a simple cost structure with no set-up or termination fees. Our friendly and supportive staff will invoice your client based on your timesheet or instructions to ensure you are paid as soon as the client pays your company.

No matter how much you earn, you will have more in your pocket for less stress and headache than you have now.

Company: Profits in Focus
Email: info@profitsinfocus.com
Web: http://profitsinfocus.com/
Address: Hilton Hall, Hilton
Lane, Staffordshire, WV11 2BQ.
Telephone: 01785 333005

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