New Normal

Since Facebook took the world by storm in the 2010s, businesses have had to adapt their marketing strategies to align themselves with the social media craze. Those that have failed to do this have missed a prime opportunity to reach new customers and are at risk of falling into obscurity.

As the social media trend has exploded, more options for users have come about. Younger generations are growing up with social media and having a key influence on emerging new trends. TikTok is the latest big thing, and businesses that want to succeed in 2022 have to embrace it.


TikTok Has Blown Up in Recent Years

It’s hard to believe that TikTok began just over five years ago. The Chinese video-sharing app now has more than one billion users, and in 2021 it was the internet’s most popular website ahead of Google. It’s one of the fastest growing global brands, available in over 40 languages and constantly attracting new users.

The social media app is starting to get ahead of the likes of Facebook among younger generations. This is highlighted by a technological quiz that questions participants about their preferred social media platforms. Those whose favorite network is Facebook get a higher age allocation at the end of the test, while those who answer TikTok receive a lower one. The popularity of TikTok also goes hand in hand with a tendency toward owning multiple high-tech devices such as smartphones and tablets.

A recent survey among Americans aged 16 to 24 discovered that 11 percent of people spent more than five hours per day on TikTok. That makes it almost as popular as YouTube, an internet stalwart that’s been around since 2005. The study found that 14 percent of respondents spent five or more hours per day on the longer-form video platforms.


Social Media is the Best Way to Reach New Customers

Businesses’ target audience will define how they should market themselves to potential customers. Obviously, companies that aim to attract older people won’t need to use social media to reach them.

However, all businesses need to be aware that the age at which people use social media and technology is steadily rising. People in their fifties and sixties are now well-versed in the internet world, and, in a decade, this age group will have even higher levels of tech savviness.

Therefore, most businesses need to have some social media strategy in place to allure customers in the up-and-coming consumer generations. Facebook advertising has been a key method for the last five years, but leveraging the power of TikTok should now also be high on businesses’ agendas.


Businesses Need Dedicated Teams to Follow Trends

There is a strong argument for businesses to put young marketing teams in place, packed with members who keep tabs on modern trends. Older people who are less in touch with the new world of TikTok and social media may not realize how rapidly things are evolving.

TikTok is today’s craze, but it’s likely to fade over the next decade as newer options emerge. Businesses with teams dedicated to searching for the next big social media thing could get ahead of their rivals by tapping into it first.


There is no doubt that businesses need to do as much as they can to keep up with modern trends like TikTok. Having a presence on the platform now is a great way to reach younger generations.