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knowRX™ is a mobile online application that monitors, schedules and provides feedback on drug usage (prescription and over the counter medicines) for both consumers and designated medical organizations. Recently, the firm found success in AI’s Global Excellence Awards 2019. On the back of this win, we profiled knowRX™ and caught up with Founder, David Franklin who offered us a detailed overview of the company.

Designed to promote well-being through an online platform for patient and physician engagement, the knowRX™ platform provides important drug information and current clinical trial reports to assist healthcare providers and their patients in the selection of the right therapy for the individual. Additionally, through this userfriendly app, patients are offered access to counseling, genomics data for treatment compatibility, nutritional guidance, holistic insights, clinical trial opportunities and instructional videos on clinical research, and trending analysis regarding medication behavior, all with the goal of achieving the most beneficial treatment outcomes.

Today, knowRX™’s makers recognize that drug adherence is a major factor in the success of medical therapy. As there is no single solution that addresses nonadherence for all patients, the firm have set out to create an interactive platform that makes available multiple solutions, as well as learning about consumers to establish and refine access to tools that best fit the respective needs of individual patients. Going into further detail about the areas the firm specializes within, David begins by informing us of some of the core areas the team at knowRX™ primarily focusses on, and the services they provide within they sections.

“In this age of the six minute office visit, knowRX™ enhances the patient/provider relationship by creating a space beyond the office visit where the consumer and healthcare provider can communicate and work together on a health management plan that minimizes, or even eliminates barriers to drug adherence in the context of the patient’s health, economics, and lifestyle.

“Alongside this, knowRX™ makes possible the ability of health centers and other healthcare delivery institutions to better extend their positive influence on patient health, disease recovery, and wellness beyond their doors. Our platform of continued patient-physician engagement, multiple tools that address patient adherence to provider instructions, and support of near real-time monitoring of patient performance can be key to reducing readmissions, improving institutional ratings and reputation, and supporting more robust reimbursements that enable continual improvements in patient care.

“Additionally, knowRX™ also establishes a source for experiential data for ‘real-world evidence’ that can further contribute to the availability of drug innovation.”

Providing the firm with the support and capabilities to offer and deliver these award-winning, tailored services, is the innovative, experienced and committed team which forms the backbone of knowRX™. When discussing the internal culture at the firm, David is keen to highlight the significant role the team plays in the overall success of the firm.

“Our staff defines our success through their creativity, empathy for others and wanting to serve a greater cause knowing we are all connected. We focus on the patient and have built a platform designed to make them more informed about the medications they are on, more interactive with their physician and pharmacist and more involved in their personal health.”

For many businesses, the journey to success is not a simple task as they will face many obstacles and will have to overcome numerous challenges. At knowRX™, they have had to overcome a few obstacles since their inception, as David explains.

“Over the years, the majority of issues have been a result of allowing legislative to adopt newer technologies in the healthcare industry, which mainly requires time and money. However, the good thing is that there are plenty of patients and tech companies who are pushing this initiative forward.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, the team at knowRX™ will continue to deliver an impeccable service, ensuring that they not only deliver their clients’ desired outcome but that they also surpass their expectations. Bringing the interview to a close, David signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for AI’s Best in Drug Management & Patient Care Insights 2019 – Texas.

“Moving forward, we are gearing up for a full national launch in 2020, as such most of 2019 has been centered around our MVP deployment, custom feedback and gaining traction in the local market.

“Ultimately, we will continue to support our patients, because their health, prevention and recovery are all incredibly important to us.”


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