2016 IP Practitioner of the Year – Germany

Beyerlein Rechtsanwälte is a highly specialised law firm focusing on intellectual property on the one hand and life sciences (drugs, medical devices, food and food supplements, cosmetic products and so on) on the other hand. We give advice to our clients out of court ‘from the beginning of an idea’ to the ‘successful product placement’ and beyond.

We also represent our client in a national courts and the European Court of Justice. Outside the courts, the firm’s work for our clients includes the complete strategy and implementation for intellectual property rights, including the application and registration of such rights all over the world.

Furthermore, we represent our clients in all national courts in Germany including the European Court of Justice. We also coordinate multi-national litigation proceeding, especially with respect to the infringement of patents, trademarks and designs. Beyerlein Rechtsanwälte does not only work ‘on the case’, we also extensively contribute to the development of legislation and jurisdiction by issuing scientific publication such as the Annotation to the German Design Act 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition), the Handbook on European Cosmetic Law, the Annotation to the Germany Act on Consumer Information Rights, the Handbook on Contract Manufacturing (drugs, medical devices and food).

Beyerlein Rechtsanwälte is also a well-respected speaker on national and international conferences on intellectual property issues. Beyerlein Rechtsanwälte is focused on intellectual property issues, however, due to our further specialisation on life sciences, we keep in mind special needs of such a special industry. We combine a high-level advice on IP with a high-level advice on regulatory issues of the life science industry.

The firm relies on an international network of law firms and national experts to ensure that we are able to help our clients not only on a national base. We are able to (and we have proved this in numerous cases in the past) support and advice our clients worldwide inside and outside of courts and intellectual property offices, for example in the last five years in Japan, China, United States, Canada, Australia and all European countries.

Furthermore, we distinguish ourselves by an unlimited availability for our clients. We accompany our clients – if necessary – not only during court proceeding, but we give them legal advice at major exhibitions and fairs, meetings of industry associations and so on. Our international client base shows us that we have a high level of client satisfaction with our work.

Challenges and opportunities
Beyerlein Rechtsanwälte already builds up the basis for the upcoming Unified Patent Court(s) with a focus on the Patent Court in Mannheim, Germany (also the headquarter of our law firm). Our long-lasting experience with the Patent Court in Mannheim (in the role of ‘just’ a national Patent Court) and the Appellate Court in Karlsruhe is the grounding for taking the next steps with respect to the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Courts.

The Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court(s) will provide a number of challenges to the industry, however, the chance for an effective litigation on patens in Europe must be seen and used. Finally, we have recently been named as ‘very experienced and assertive’ by the CEO of one of our client specialised in the area of fire safety.

Beyerlein Rechtsanwälte
Name: Thorsten Beyerlein
Address: C 1,4,
68159 Mannheim Germany
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