Businesswoman having online business meeting from home

Since 2020, the commercial world has changed so much that it’s almost impossible for many to remember what business was like in the previous century. Before the advent of social media, widespread use of mobile phones, worldwide internet connectivity, and AI (artificial intelligence), the daily life of business owners and workers was completely different than it is today. What are some of the most impactful, on the ground factors that are part of today’s cutting-edge business environment? For one, college degrees have become an indispensable part of the corporate resume for job seekers. Additionally, sole proprietorships are becoming much more common as independent-minded entrepreneurs choose to take their own paths to the top.

In just the last five years, huge numbers of new business owners are choosing to work from their homes, which has led to much lower demand for physical office space in city commercial centers. As government regulation of the commercial sector expands, large corporations are forced to operate in more restrictive environments. Another change is the continued shift from a production economy to one that is more service-based and centered on intangibles like data, information, and IT infrastructure. The following are a few of the most pertinent changes in the commercial world.


College Degrees Offer Long-Term Job Security

For serious success in the world of commercial business, college degrees have become nearly a requirement for all serious candidates. Just a generation ago, it was still possible to get by without a four-year diploma, and many still enter the trades after spending time in vocational programs. But, in business, college is more vital than it ever has been.

Fortunately, student loans are available for anyone who wants to tackle the academic challenge that comes with a degree program. Education loans make it possible to attend an institution of their choice without having to worry about paying for next semester’s tuition or fees. Borrowing some or all of the money needed for college makes it possible for students to focus on their coursework and earn good grades, which is the whole point of education in the first place.


Physical Office Space is No Longer Necessary

In an economic environment where billions of dollars are spent every day online, it’s no surprise that internet-based businesses and virtual companies are gaining popularity. One of the results of the widespread use of computers in retail buying and selling is a decreased need for physical office space. At least in the business community, much of the work can be done without having any face-to-face contact with clients. This trend will likely continue to gain momentum as more entrepreneurs and startups operate 100% online operations.


Sole Proprietorships are More Common

Another result of the online commercial revolution is a rapid growth in the number of sole proprietors. Many businesses that traditionally were done face-to-face by small companies now make ideal startups for individuals who work from home. Tax preparers, financial counselors, and resume writers are just a few of the new wave of one-person companies that are changing the face of modern business. Many brokers who previously worked for large firms now run their own operations from home-based offices.