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The murky world of Intellectual Property is hotly contested, with many law firms handling portfolios on a client’s behalf. As we look once again to those lights of the legal profession, we turn to Santiago R. O’Conor, the Leading Intellectual Property Prosecution and Litigation Lawyer of the Year, Argentina in Acquisition International’s Leading Adviser 2020 awards.

O’Conor & Power Abogados was founded in 2013 by Santiago R. O’Conor, with the business built on the back of over thirty years of legal expertise. The aim was to provide the height of legal advice to clients, combining the ultimate in quality with a flexible and personalized service.
After working with many large IP Boutiques and Full Service Firms, Mr O’Conor saw the need for a firm that could offer a more precise service that was able to boast the same expertise as its competitors. Often the clients who turn to Mr O’Conor and his firm require needs that go beyond simple IP issues. Often, they require a lawyer who is able to include commercial needs that are directly related to this into their judgements. This is why Mr O’Conor has also built up experience in the commercialization of IP and related matters.

The clients that O’Conor & Power Abogados serve come from a broad selection, split between local businesses and business owners and foreign corporations and their associates. For the local businessman, O’Conor & Power Abogados is ideal for providing the necessary guidance and assistance that ensures their IP is protected, that this protection is enforced and that it can be commercialized in Argentina and internationally. This information is easily transferred to interests from foreign countries, and Mr O’Conor and his team are more than capable of guiding these organizations through the complicated system that will ensure their IP security.

As a while, the firm has been proud to handle clients operating in a number of different areas including food, winery, technology and telecommunications, pharmaceutical, entertainment, clothing and the textile industry. Needless to say, this breadth of knowledge puts both the firm and its clients in exceptional stead moving forward. Much of this is a credit to the lawyers, industrial property agents and select network of engineers and technical professionals who pull together to make O’Conor & Power Abogados the success it deserves to be.

As the world has become more globalized, the role that IP law plays has become increasingly important. Many of the decisions taken by the team at O’Conor & Power Abogados are designed to allow them to be more reliable and efficient in a world that prides itself on price tailoring and flexibility. Many of the services on offer can be personalized to suit the needs of individual cases. This means that whether a client needs assistance with regards to trademarks, patents, utility models, designs, copyright, software, domain names, transfer of technology, franchising or licensing, O’Conor & Power Abogados are able to deliver.

As a renowned one-stop-shop for all in need of IP support, it’s little wonder that the team make the effort to ensure that their knowledge in the area is up to scratch. Those who work at the company regularly attend conferences and seminars on a national level in order to keep updated on the rapidly changing world of IP law, not only in Argentina and Latin America, but around the world.

The success of O’Conor & Power Abogados comes from the top, and Mr O’Conor leads by example. His drive and tenacity have made him one of the foremost names in the industry, with his firm maintaining that fine reputation.