Insurance solutions

For almost twenty years, Matrix Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers has been providing its clients with the most comprehensive insurance and reinsurance solutions, both as a sole business and now as part of the Howden Broking group in 2020. Last year, we at Acquisition International recognised the firm by awarding it the title of Best Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers 2020 – Europe & Africa in the Worldwide Finance Awards 2020. Join us now as we reflect on why the firm has been so successful and what it delivers to clients in terms of exceptional insurance and reinsurance solutions.

The story of Matrix Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers first began back in 2003, when the firm first opened its office doors in Greece. Since, it has grown to become an integral part of the Howden Brokers group, and also become the leading independent broker in Greece, with more than ninety in-house experts at the offices in Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, and Crete. The journey was only just beginning back in 2003, and was quickly followed by the launch of Howden Matrix Cyprus in 2005, which was headquartered and located in the capital city of Cyprus, Nicosia. Based there was a team that comprised of seven brokers and three actuaries, with each one specialising in structure reinsurance solutions, actuarial services, and analytics. Howden Matrix Cyprus today remains one of the top three reinsurance brokers in the local market, and dominates the market share that is available on Cyprus. Spreading out further and further over time, 2014 would see the establishment of Howden Matrix South Africa, which would aim to serve the majority of clients across the entire continent. Based in Johannesburg, this team comprises of fourteen insurance and actuarial specialist professionals.

With teams in Cyprus, Greece, and South Africa, Matrix was well-placed to serve a great many clients before Howden Group came along. Yet, the pair of these outstanding business has given the other something they didn’t have before. Matrix gave Howden a way into the markets across Greece, Cyprus, and Africa, whilst Howden enabled Matrix to have a foothold in Britain and more mainland Europe. Howden Group itself was a perfect partner for Matrix, and the two have flourished since becoming one back in the first half of 2020. Founded in London back in 1994, Howden Group has grown to become the largest international insurance broker that is headquartered outside of the United States.

Howden Group is a truly multinational business, and one that seeks to bring its clients specialist advice in more than ninety territories across Europe and Africa. Across every client and in every bit of service delivered to clients, there is a steadfast and unwavering commitment to independence that gives staff the freedom to deliver whatever the clients need at that time. Howden Group always seeks to take care of its staff and ensure that they have everything they could ever need to succeed. Staff are encouraged to thrive in their roles, as well as take an active role in being a core part of the company. Around eight hundred of the employees at present are shareholders, but there are plans in place to ramp up that number to ensure that one in every three staff members is a shareholder.

Involving clients in this way ensures that there is something noticeably different about the culture at Howden Matrix. Everyone is given a voice, their ideas are embraced, efforts are rewarded, and meritocracy is real and tangible. Having all of these is one thing, but having them all in an environment where people enjoy their work and have fun is a true sign of the firm’s excellence and commitment to employees. Howden Matrix puts people first, valuing and looking after people at every turn. Ultimately, the client also benefits from this people-first culture. They are able to have all the benefits of working with a large global broker, whilst also being able to have the speedy innovation and local know-how of a small independent firm. Howden Matrix is an outstanding firm, and deserves every success as it continues to deliver insurance and reinsurance excellence to clients across Europe and Africa alike.

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