With running a business, there’s a balance between overhead and profit. Your overhead needs to be low enough to maximise profit, but you also need to invest enough back into your company to grow. One method a lot of businesses use to strike this balance is outsourcing.

Outsourcing is when you pay someone else to perform a task for you. There are a lot of options for outsourcing, but if you invest in the right relationships with other companies, it can help grow both businesses and help you focus on what matters. Whatever field you’re involved in, below are five things to outsource for your business.

Information Technology (IT)

One popular part of business to outsource is information technology (IT). IT is how you keep your network, devices, and information safe. If you can’t afford to hire a full IT staff, you can hire a professional IT firm to do it for you. If you aren’t a technology company, outsourcing your IT needs might be the right move. It will eliminate stress and keep your overhead lower by having less employees. Tech companies typically have their own IT staff, but if you want to protect your network, data, and devices but aren’t involved in tech you can outsource these services.

Risk Management

Like IT, risk management is not a part of every company. It is a specialised industry that a lot of businesses don’t do themselves. It’s no surprise that a lot of people opt for third party risk management. In business, there is a lot of risk. It’s imperative to manage a lot of risks. For example, you might not know all the financial laws and regulations.

You might not understand financial crimes and all the due diligence involved in complying to federal, state, and local regulations. Risk managers provide answers to your questions and consulting on how to avoid fees, high taxes, and other problems for businesses. When it comes to risk, unless you are a huge company you are probably outsourcing to a third party.

Cloud Storage

Another task you can outsource is Cloud storage. Any business has a lot of data, files, and information they need to keep safe. Whatever field you are in, it’s important to properly store data. If you have your servers on-site, you are also putting all this information at risk for physical damage. A flood or an earthquake could damage the servers, possibly resulting in loss of extremely important data. Data is valuable. Even if you aren’t in tech, Cloud storage is necessary. If you don’t know what you are doing and can’t afford to hire staff to help, you should outsource Cloud storage.

Delivery & Shipping

Are you spending too much on deliveries and shipping services? You don’t need to have all that infrastructure in place to run a successful business. In fact, other businesses are already better at it than you are. If you are spending a fortune on delivery and shipping costs, striking a deal with a big company for all your needs could end up benefiting you both. It depends on the products that you are selling, but if you don’t need to do the shipping yourself you might be able to lay off those drivers, sell those trucks, and make a reasonable deal by outsourcing.


Gone are the days where you need to have an admin, or a receptionist seated at the front desk. Fewer and fewer people are coming into the office anyway. These days, there are companies that specialise in administrative work. With advanced software and tech that organises information better than humans, a lot of the work isn’t even done by employees. When you are looking to lower your overhead, try outsourcing administrative services.

You don’t need to always hire employees full-time for specific jobs. Instead, there are a lot of things that you can outsource to other companies and create good deals that benefit you and your business. Whatever field you are in, outsourcing is a good option.

The way that society is progressing leads to fewer jobs for human beings and more jobs for machines. What will humans do? This is a larger question than we can answer, but if you are trying to make a better life for you and your family by increasing profit and lowering overhead, outsourcing is one of the ways you can do it.