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Founded by exemplary microcomputer specialist and businessman Mauricio Frizzarin, Qyon has made a name for itself as the ‘Most Innovative AI Software Company’ for 2022 in Brazil. With an expanding client base and technical school for data processing, he was able to create his first program to aid the completion of lengthy and time-consuming forms, kicking off his passion for using artificial intelligence to streamline company administrative processes.

A disruptive, innovative, and highly accomplished company, Qyon is leading from the front in the software industry by making the power of artificial intelligence the backbone of its business. Nominally, it uses this to empower the accountants and small companies it serves, putting the power of AI in their hands and allowing them to make use of it to better their company’s prospects, as well as the experience of their own end customers. With advanced knowledge that is based on artificial intelligence, robot, machine learning, and big data for business management, its services are developed to manage and integrate processes and sectors that will come together to create an exemplary, holistic, and well-formed company.

Its fintech services also aid this. Critically, it can provide such services in a manner that fits seamlessly around a customer’s existing business model, creating a technological ecosystem that adapts to the client as standard, instead of requiring the client to adapt to it. Moreover, it also takes pride in remaining in constant development, automating even the most complex financial operations by incorporating the latest and greatest developments into itself and keeping itself ahead of the pack as a result. In addition, it is important to say that with constant development and blockchain technology at its back, Qyon has been able to add cryptocurrency to its list of capabilities.

Securing yet more of a name for Qyon in the financial and technological infrastructure industries, this cryptocurrency exchange service has become renowned for making it even easier to integrate entire business management systems with the systems developed by Qyon. The result of this, the empowering nature of its technologies, and the transformative efforts of its work ensure that its small business clients do not remain small for long; indeed, its efforts have propelled many a client to the next stage of business evolution by giving them access to an infallible backstage infrastructure.

Thus, this is where the empowerment happens, and is why Qyon has gained a reputation for enabling its accountants and entrepreneurs to innovate and transform their industries. Qyon’s attitude is that nothing is impossible, and it conducts itself as such, presenting an unprecedented technology that facilitates business management automated actions, and artificial administration. Beside this, its software, much like itself, is always in the process of learning and evolving, so a customer can rest assured that they’ve put their faith in a software system that will remain relevant and consistent with changes in the wider and ever-changing technology market.

It has used this to truly get ahead in its market – as well as other elements such as its low cost – making for an ever-increasing trajectory towards greater success that has truly been made possible by its clients, their faith in it, and their recommendation of it to peers. Moreover, its consistent revolution both in a customer’s business and in the market has allowed it to gain a reputation for the standard of its innovations, pushing it to a prominent position amongst peers and customers alike thanks to its clear democratization of the artificial intelligence sector.

Something that was previously a dream for those without pocketbooks big enough to afford it, Qyon is demystifying artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this manner, it has increased the accessibility of these services to companies that are not multi-million-dollar enterprises quite yet, showing them how they can benefit from the ‘new oil’ marketplace that the robotics and software as a service industry has become. Economist, Wired, and Forbes have all decreed that artificial intelligence is the new frontier for world business, and Qyon quite agrees; but it wishes for all to be able to participate in this frontier, instead of just the richest companies.

Nowadays, it has more than 160 employees within its ranks, each of whom form the beating heart of the business. They are talented, dedicated, and client-focused from top to bottom, with everyone from its engineers and developers to front of house staff forming exemplary teams that work incredibly well both as individual units and as a cohesive business structure, as its communicative nature keeps everyone on the same page. Nominally, it sees no reason not to share critical business details with its staff, thanking them for their hard work with holistic trust and commitment, allowing people to learn new things and propose innovative solutions to its problems.

In this manner, its problem-solving and actionable advice is developed by people who best know what they’re talking about. Each staff member is therefore able to work to the best of their abilities through being seen, heard, and valued, with each of their unique educational and professional backgrounds making their contributions an invaluable exercise in seeing things from previously unconsidered perspectives. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, initial integration compatibility concerns, and more, it has pulled through to be able to develop and deliver one of the best customer service experiences available in software as a service; due to this, it is looking forward to expanding its growing market further in the future, having recently added the service of Brazil and the USA, and with teams working on unlocking the secrets of the industry’s newest discoveries.

Qyon, being both pioneer and champion of people, wants its customers and staff both to have fun when conducting its business. Therefore, it fuels the talent and enthusiasm of its staff, and is excited to hear about the ideas and goals of its customers, creating lifelong relationships based on mutual passion projects and appreciation of artificial intelligence. After all, AI, machine learning, and more is already carving a brave new world in the new remote work paradigm that has emerged thanks to the pandemic. Moreover, it is excited to say that its Brazilian air sports team – Qyon AeroSports – will be a big part of this push towards growth through enthusiasm and excitement by performing in all manner of new shows and incorporating all manner of technologically enabled new features into its flights.

For business enquiries, contact Mauricio Frizzarin from Qyon on their website – https://www.qyon.com/en/

Mauricio Frizzarin