While you may choose to work from home due to financial constraints, it may not be a viable option in the long term since you need to meet with clients. You should set up an office for your law firm right from the start. Sharing office space may also reduce the financial burden when starting out.

When starting a law firm, one of the most overlooked factors is the office location. Besides your law firm’s reputation and credibility, where you set up your law firm can significantly contribute to the success of your business. It’s vital you choose an ideal office location to help your business thrive. Working with Jeff Tabor Group can help you find the perfect office location for your law firm for the best deal. If you’re looking to start a law firm, here are a few important factors to consider when choosing the best location for your offices:

Accessibility to Target Audience

One of the key factors to consider when deciding where to open your law firm’s offices is accessibility to your target clientele. Your firm’s offices should be situated where you can easily get business. Cities and towns tend to be the most viable location for law firm offices due to the high demand for legal services. For instance, if you’re a business attorney, you should consider setting up your offices close to business hubs in your city.

Your clients should be able to access your office via public transport easily. Your office location should also have ample parking area, or there should be parking facilities nearby, so your clients won’t have to waste valuable time searching for a place to park when they visit your offices.

Proximity to the Courthouse

Another thing to consider when choosing an ideal office location for your law firm is its proximity to the courthouse. The location of your law firm’s office should anticipate not only the client’s needs but also those of the attorneys. Your office should always be convenient and comfortable to meet the professional requirements of your law firm. Having your offices near the courthouse can be incredibly convenient and easy, especially for attorneys with caseloads requiring regular court appearances. When it comes to your office’s proximity to a courthouse, be sure also to consider factors such as the traffic and ease of access to public transport.

Room for Expansion and Technological Services

It’s also crucial to ensure your chosen office location allows for expansion. That means choosing a location with ample office space to scale. This is important should you want to scale your law firm by hiring more employees or bringing in more equipment. While most industries now store their data on the cloud, law firms still require a secure place to store and review their client’s case files. That means choosing a secure and convenient office location with plenty of room to accommodate your operations. Your office location should offer the necessary technological services, such as internet connectivity, to support your firm’s needs.

Competitors in Your Chosen Area

Ensure that your desired office location isn’t close to your competitors. For instance, you should avoid setting up your offices in an area with many established firms in your practice area since you’re less likely to be chosen when clients search for attorneys near them on search engines. Instead, consider choosing a location with high demand for your practice but not close to established law firms in your field of practice.

The Location’s Reputation

When choosing the best place to open your law firm office, you should research your desired area to know its reputation. Understanding the location’s reputation is important as it reflects your firm’s image and culture. When clients come to your firm, your office and its location should create an impression reflecting the top-of-the-line services you offer. Ensure your law firm’s location will make a positive first impression on clients.

Identify your Preferred Work Environment

The first step when choosing the right location for your office is recognizing your ideal work environment. This will help ensure you choose a work environment where you’ll be most productive and one that will best fit your unique needs. You need to determine where you’ll be more productive working, whether from home or around other attorneys. You also need to know whether you prefer meeting your clients in a professional work environment or if you feel comfortable meeting them at your home.

Deciding on those things will help you choose the ideal work environment, whether joining a shared office space, working from home, renting a private office, or leasing an office space. Carefully review each option’s cons and pros to ensure your choice aligns with your target market and business objectives.


Selecting the right location for your law firm can go a long way in ensuring your business succeeds. Consider the above-discussed factors before you commit to an office space to ensure the location meets your client’s needs and the professional requirements of your law firm.

If you decide to rent or lease an office space, ensure it has all the necessary utilities for your office needs. Check the wiring and outlets to confirm that they’re sufficient and functioning to ensure they can meet the demands and needs of your law firm’s operations. If not, make the necessary upgrades so that it meets the needs of your practice before moving in.

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