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Posted 7th December 2022

Journey To The Future

The customer journey is one which can have a transformative effect on a business’s success, with new technologies opening the door to exciting opportunities.

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Journey To The Future
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The customer journey is one which can have a transformative effect on a business’s success, with new technologies opening the door to exciting opportunities. The team at Hevolus are leading the way to a bold future in this regard. Recognised in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards as Most Innovative Classroom Education Technology Provider 2022, we thought this the ideal time to dig a little deeper to uncover some of the secrets of the team’s success.

Customer experience makes up an enormous part of the purchasing process. No matter how good the product is, the experience is what most people take away from buying. As such, it pays not only to invest in the customer journey, but to continually be looking at how to improve it.

Based in Italy, the team at Hevolus are ideally equipped to assist businesses of all shapes and sizes to do precisely that. Their focus on a hybrid customer experience, which combines the physical world and the digital work into what they call phygical. This has been achieved through the use of webXR, which has allowed the team to help companies around the world to transform the way in which their business models and process work. The aim is always to provide an engaging and emotional experience, tailored to the specific requirements of the organisation.

Since opening their doors, Hevolus has stood apart from the crowd thanks to constant investment in &D. The team are leaders when it comes to the world of technologies for phygital experiences and for the metaverse, including blockchain, digital twins, NFT, virtual and augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and cloud computing. These innovative ways of working have been at the core of the methods used by the Hevolus team to transform the user experience and business strategies of businesses in a host of different sectors.

The strategies that are offered to clients include the study of the customer journey, the R&D of IT platforms, and operational tests, meaning they are “ready to go” without the need for massive development. That the team have been able to achieve such success whilst retaining their innovative streak is a testament to their hard work and commitment to the intentions that have made the company since its inception.

Many impressive brand names have turned to Hevolus to support them in the development of new ideas and concepts, including Ferroli, Würth, Natuzzi, the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, Ferragamo and Vodafone Business to name but a few. This truly international selection of the team’s clients has turned to Hevolus primarily because of the firm’s renowned customisation which allows them to develop bespoke solutions as well as the completeness and scalability of their ecosystems. No matter what industry the team work in, they are able to adapt to suit their needs with ease.

Building a business of innovative thought has not been an easy task, and the Hevolus team have has to ensure such bold ambition is woven into the very fabric of how they work. Innovation is the core of every decision made by the team. An area where the team focus especially is that of human resources. Hevolus thrives through the careful interception and nurturing of young talents. With well-defined processes and work plans available, the Hevolus team have built a solid internal organisation, where senior resources can help to train the talents of the next generation.

Like many organisations, Hevolus was impacted heavily by the COVID-19 pandemic. Having made the active decision to follow market behavioural trends and help customers sell better by involving the consumer more, they were fully ready for the crisis precipitated by the pandemic. The team had already designed and implemented augmented and mixed reality stores for Natuzzi in pre-Covid times, and could apply what they had learned to a host of new businesses in short order. The pandemic acted as a massive accelerator on progress. Hevolus was required to react swiftly to support their clients across a range of different industries and sectors.

The solutions that the team have always championed, namely hybrid working and ways forward such as Cloud Computing, AI and Mixed Reality technologies were immensely popular. They could guarantee shared, collaborative and highly engaging experiences, even from a distance.

For many businesses, turning to Hevolus proved to be the turning point at which they could revitalise their success. Some companies would stop developing and growing at this point, with demand for their services at an all-time high. This certainly wasn’t true for Hevolus. In 2022, the team were among the early adopters worldwide of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Spaces platform for the creation of metaversic 3D environments.

The potential of digital technology is one which every business can see the potential of, but few truly understand. When it comes to creating a world which is more sustainable and inclusive, the Hevolus team see new technological innovations as playing a crucial role in addressing wider societal challenges and helping to contain the impact that large-scale industrial change is generating. Digital transformation, focused on technologies including augmented and virtual reality, additive manufacturing, digital twins, artificial intelligence, internet of things and blockchain, can offer an evident contribution to properly implement all 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Implemented correctly, technology can help to overcome the distinction between able-bodied users and disabled users. The Hevolus team have adopted inclusive design for precisely this reason, with apps that are developed according to the criteria of the User eXperience Design. This means that output can be closer to the habits, expectations and needs of the majority of users, creating ways for people to live positive, unique and memorable experiences.

With their eyes always looking directly ahead, it’s little wonder that the team at Hevolus has managed to achieve such tremendous success. We cannot wait to see how their innovative streak serves them and their customers in the months and years to come as businesses continue to embrace the immense power that technology can bring.

For business enquiries, contact Antonio Squeo from Hevolus via email –  a.squeo@hevolus.it or on their website – www.hevolus.com

Antonio Squeo
Antonio Squeo

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