WatchDog Wonder Wins Award

The importance of surveillance has grown significantly in the last few years as a sure-fire way of protecting people and property from harm. For over a decade, the team at WatchDog have played a major part in the maturing of the industry, standing at the forefront of every breakthrough. As it scoops Acquisition International’s 2020 Global Excellence Award for Most Promising CCTV Brand in 2020 – India, we profile the company to learn more about its astonishing achievement.

With a decade-old legacy, the team at WatchDog have been responsible for many developments in the industry. Their intelligent safety and security products are used in a wide variety of situations from complex industry operations to private homes. Built on the simple vision of “Securing All”, it’s no wonder that this promising brand brings a surveillance solution that satisfies even the most challenging of situations.

Users of a WatchDog system can be sure of the utmost in protection from any potential threats. Each system is adapted to suit the needs of specific locations, tweaked and adjusted to ensure it operates at peak capacity. The chance to meet with a representative from the company gives curious users the opportunity to receive plenty of information from an expert in the field about the most effective solutions for personal and property protection. When everything has been set up and established, the impressive alarm and security systems means that clients can relax, safe in the knowledge that the protection they need and deserve has finally arrived.

The importance of CCTV to the systems that WatchDog offers cannot be understated, with different equipment that meets the requirements of the home, business and public places respectively. Making products that suit all sorts of needs is built into the way that WatchDog operates and has allowed for the development of products that contain an incredible amount of flexibility. These products vary from a range of DVR with CCTV monitoring, all the way through to installation services to make the process of adopting the systems all the more easy.

Amongst the range of products that WatchDog produces, an immense array of CCTV solutions, there are several series of dome cameras through which an entire room can be surveyed. There are also infrared cameras that have facial technology built into them as standard, and a choice between NVR and DVR systems so that clients are able to choose their preference and still end up with the option that they prefer at the exceptional quality that WatchDog always strive for.

Of course, WatchDog does not just produce security cameras, and it has expanded significantly since those early days. Beyond the traditional surveillance options, it now offers a state-of-the-art Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Machine to its clients. Naturally, Maintenance Services are extended to all their clients across the country. Another option for the more safety-conscious consumer is that of the WatchDog Video Door Phone, one of a large line that is designed to match the style of the home that it is bought for. Combining design and technology, it’s the best way to know who’s at the door and how best to keep your loved ones safe.

Alongside the broad range of products on offer, WatchDog has proven itself capable of providing solutions that cover an impressive range of different needs. There are very few sectors that couldn’t benefit from WatchDog’s experience in the field, bringing with it a sense of true security that money just can’t buy. First and foremost, amongst the sectors that this company can offer help in is that of city public area surveillance. While sometimes seen as intrusive, it is paramount that when public safety is in danger, real-time decisions can be made with accurate information. The advantage of WatchDog, therefore, is its ability to go beyond the physical product and provide its users with a security approach that is multi-disciplined. As a business, it is ready to support any government agencies at a federal, state and local level to make citizens as safe as possible.

In the private sector, the need is just as great with many different industries calling out for solutions that suit their specific needs and requirements. Much like city security, the ability to take advantage of a fully integrated and customized surveillance solution means that there is the potential for improved security and improved operations as a result. For areas like hotels, shopping centers and office complexes, the need for a robust system not only ensures the protection of personnel but of any visiting members of the public. These systems need to be able to operate discreetly, intuitively and
integrate seamlessly into current infrastructures. What WatchDog systems are able to offer is enhanced reliability and safety thanks to innovative features such as multi-location remote monitoring, Wide Dynamic Range for troublesome areas with challenging lighting conditions and automated vehicle access control through ANPR and HD surveillance.

The education sector, too, is one which could see a tremendous benefit from the security options that WatchDog has to offer. A comprehensive IP solution of the sort that this team has to offer will not only link with the current systems, but use whatever type of camera is available. Educational institutions are becoming more aware of the way in which security is a concern, with particular focus on emergency situations ranging from accidents to active shooters. With multiple angles on an incident, it’s possible for emergency service personnel to make smarter decisions faster. The safety culture cultivated by these decisions will allow students and teachers to operate in an environment of education without fear of what could happen and where they can focus on the important task of education. Of course, it goes without saying that video cameras deter theft, vandalism, drug use, assault and other criminal activity and can of course provide vital evidence to investigators. All of these activities can take place at schools and having a system in place reduces the chance of it happening.

This approach, driven more by a duty of care, is also incredibly helpful to those working in healthcare. Needless to say, a great
WatchDog Wonder Wins Award deal of importance is placed on ensuring that patients, visitors and employees are safe in relation to their physical surroundings, work and procedures. What video surveillance can do is alert security to any untoward activities, such as drugs theft, abuse or unauthorized individuals entering restricted areas. An IP video solution means that the entire facility can be monitored by security staff from anywhere that there is internet access. This makes the process of security far more dynamic, enabling exceptional freedom of movement to handle crises as they occur.

When it comes to finding the ideal security solution, there are few options more highly recommendable than WatchDog. With an eye always on the technological development of these items, you can be sure of an answer that meets the needs of the time with such a wide range of options that one will be ideally suited to the task. It’s a demonstration of clear flexibility that has allowed the company to achieve such amazing success.