PDFs or Portable Documents initially started to be used back in the 90s and have become some of the most popular document formats used in the modern day. PDFs can be used for different purposes, from displaying presentations, spreadsheets, to using them for invoices, customer records, and more.

There are more than 2.5 trillion PDFs used in the world today and it’s a type of technology that is continuing to make improvements.

However, the real question is why businesses always prefer to use PDF tools? Let’s dive deeper into this article to find out.

7 Reasons businesses use online PDF Tools

Quick transfers

For online businesses, you must be able to send files quickly and in order to do that, you need to have smaller files. The larger the file is, the more challenging it becomes for you to send out files. For example, Gmail has a limit of 25 MB when you send out files. Anything larger than that won’t be sent out.

Additionally, larger files take more time to send out and a common issue is a file exceeding the limit set by sites or applications like Gmail. However, PDF documents don’t experience this issue and because of their small sizes, they can be used in different formats. Therefore, businesses can easily transfer them between each other since they have to transfer so many files between each other every day.

PDF files can be combined

Yes, you heard it. You can combine PDF files by using online tools. The real question is how do you use an online tool to merge PDF files together? Each tool you use to combine PDF files has a similar process, but let’s see how Smallpdf combines online PDF files. Here’s the process of how it’s done:

Drag and drop your PDFs in the PDF combiner Rearrange your individual pages in the order you desire. Add more files or delete them if required Click “Merge”

Easily compatible with many operating systems

When you are doing business online, you need to know that each of your customers and clients will be using different types of operating systems. Some users use Windows, while others like to use Mac. There are even many cases where users will do business through their smartphones.

However, this isn’t a problem for PDF files because they use different operating systems, regardless of which operating system you are using, Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android, you’ll be able to access PDF files without any difficulties. The elements of a PDF file will remain the same regardless of the operating system you are using.


Another good reason why you will want to use PDF files is that they have an additional level of security. Unlike many other file formats, all users who don’t have login details and aren’t authorized to use the data won’t be able to proceed past the encrypted stage.

In short, PDF is the safest alternative to use and in this case, data security is highly important to businesses nowadays. Overall, PDF tools provide lots of security features and when you use antivirus software, it provides an even higher level of security for you. This improved level of security helps you stay safe against online attackers and entirely disallow their access to unauthorized files.

PDF files are used worldwide

PDF files aren’t only limited to local areas, but are used worldwide. In 2008, PDF files became an open standard, further committing to its worldwide growth and usage. Therefore, PDF files are accepted worldwide and are most popular in the business world. Their easy usage, compatibility features, security level, and the ability to easily be shared on different operating systems make them a favorite for professionals.

Especially as remote work is growing throughout the world, teams amongst companies are becoming international and the use of PDF files is becoming a must. 16% of organizations worldwide are working entirely remote and PDF files are unaffected by distance and time zones, so in short, they give your professional remote work a much better look to it.

Easily integrates non-text components

Graphics are what make documents attractive and engaging. Visual elements such as graphs, charts, logos and images are what help you create superior invoices, reports and contracts. Your message can be processed much better, especially if you’re trying to make a point.

Visual components incorporated into your documents are sometimes challenging to do when you use a word processor. However, it’s not challenging to add graphics to your documents with PDF software. Not only do your documents become attractive, but they also create a visually stunning view.

PDF documents are free to read

Yes, you heard it, free. Buying PDF software might be expensive to do, but the great news is that the readers don’t need to pay money to do so. Many PDF readers are easy to install on your desktop or mobile device, meaning that even if you don’t have PDF software, you can still read and view PDF documents without investing a penny.

The whole reason why we use PDF files today

PDF files are widely used and they’re probably the primary reason why people feel so comfortable using them. Not only do they make sending files easy, but they also don’t take up storage space.

As remote work continues to grow throughout the world, sending out files as quickly as you can is important. PDF files allow this and the best part is that they offer you a high level of security compared to other file formats. Also, PDF files won’t allow any unauthorized users to access the file, so this is a great advantage for you.

All you have to do is open the file and read it, no need to pay a penny for it.