Based in Ivory Coast, our company Soudure Industrielle et Pétrolière specialises in boiler works, piping and steel construction for oil fields. As a company our services range from maintenance to new works through the modification of existing facilities. We offer our customers a complete set of services including the installation of pipe lines and the maintenance of industrial installations.

In addition, Soudure Industrielle et Pétrolière also deal with civil engineering, focusing on the design, construction, operation and rehabilitation of construction works and urban infrastructure. In regards to the people we work with, oil and gas is typically our niche sector however we have also performed activities in the telecommunication sector.

For years, Soudure Industrielle et Pétrolière have placed a focus on meeting specific customer needs and it is this philosophy that has helped us maintain our reputation in the industry. Ultimately, our goal is to assist you in your project design and implementation process and be a reference company for specific large jobs.

At present, Soudure Industrielle et Pétrolière is performing well, however we are always looking for ways in which we can improve and it is for this reason we look to remain at the cutting edge of new developments.

In terms of the clients of Soudure Industrielle et Pétrolière, some of our more renowned names include CNR International, Geocean and Bollore Africa Logistics. Our approach to these clients always remains the same, take time to understand their needs before putting a plan of action in place.

Soudure Industrielle et Pétrolière’s staff play a vital role in the success of the firm, indeed without their skills and commitment we would not be in the position we are in today. Everything we do evolves around teamwork, indeed pulling together for the greater good of the company is what keeps us motivated. Due to our experience and technical resources, we are generally able to meet the demands and the technical requirements of our customers.

If we take a closer look at the challenges Soudure Industrielle et Pétrolière are set to face in the future, as competition continues to grow establishing ourselves as an industry leader will certainly be our common goal going forward. Looking beyond 2016 if we can maintain our reputation in the industry and identify the opportunities from which we can prosper from we will be more than content.

Company: Soudure Industrielle et Pétrolière

Name: Adingra Koffi



Address: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, Marcory, Petite Zone Industrielle, 21 BP 2946 Abidjan 21

Telephone: 00225 21 25 04 3