Freight shipping companies play an important role in moving cargo from one point to another and ensuring that both the cargo and its owners’ interests are properly safeguarded. Unfortunately, freight shipping companies are also vulnerable to many common mistakes that could potentially lead to serious problems down the road.

By learning about these common pitfalls from the most reputed Los Angeles movers at Moving APT and how they can be avoided, you can make sure that your shipping needs are met by an experienced and competent company that will give you value for your money without making mistakes that could end up costing you more later on.

Not selecting the right carrier type

Just about every freight shipping company has its unique requirements for the goods they will ship. That’s why it’s important that you do your research and make sure you know what those requirements are so that you can be prepared. For example, some carriers require palletized goods while others only accept containerized shipments, yet others are not able to transport goods over a certain weight or height.

Failing to select the right freight shipping options

Freight shipping options can be overwhelming, but if you’re not sure which route is right for you, use the following information as a guide. Make sure to review the aforementioned options so that you can choose the best choice for your business’s needs.

(1) Use an online freight calculator to estimate what your shipment will cost.

(2) If possible, do some research about which shippers provide door-to-door service at no additional charge.

(3) You may want to consider using a freight forwarder to take care of all the details involved with international shipments.

(4) Review any broker’s policies before using them to make sure they are compatible with your company’s needs.

Confusing customs clearance with customs brokerage

Since Customs Brokers take care of all the tedious details associated with shipping goods across international borders, companies who want to avoid costly errors and delays hire a Customs Broker. Customs brokerage is one service offered by freight shipping companies.

In this case, it is the company’s responsibility to know if they need customs brokerage services or not (the broker will let them know). It can be difficult for a non-professional to tell which process they need when looking at complicated shipping documents.

Choosing a carrier based on price

In the sea of freight shipping options, deciding on a carrier can seem like an impossible task. And while the price is a factor, other things should be taken into account before making a final decision. Your choice of freight carrier should be based on their reliability, speed, knowledge, and dedication to the customer, plus more. But don’t worry! Here is how to avoid it and find the right one.

No matter what your budget is, you should make sure to choose the best service with the best rates rather than opting for what seems cheap. There are many factors to consider that make all carriers unique, which means they might not offer identical prices across the board. Think about what you need from your company as well as what kind of services they provide and go from there!

Choosing a carrier solely based on customer reviews

Look for customer reviews on Google Plus or Yelp. A carrier that has high ratings is more likely to be a company that doesn’t cut corners, so you can trust them with your shipment. If a company offers lower rates, be wary as they could have other ways to make up the difference–for example by cutting corners on safety standards or overloading trucks. Also, watch out for fraud. You may not know it but if you book your freight shipping through a 3rd party website then there’s a chance that someone else (i.e., fraudsters) will take off with your money without fulfilling their end of the bargain.

Finally, never ship anything internationally without first comparing prices from multiple carriers since some companies charge per kilogram rather than per package and this could quickly add up. You will need to book a freight service provider for several reasons and making sure that you make the right choice is important. These common mistakes are easy to commit and hence you must be watchful for them.