Brokers’ responsibilities involve cross-selling with other financial products and services their brokerage firm offers. The vast majority of new brokers initially keep a daily schedule built heavily around marketing themselves. They have to get needed leads and a new audience which requires proper scheduling of their activities without neglecting their existing clients.

This means getting all their research done early in the day and meeting with a few clients or prospects face-to-face later in the day. Even though they may not have a large marketing team or deep pockets, choosing the right tools can give them a competitive advantage. Some of these tools include:


1. Appointment and Scheduling Tools

Keeping a schedule is important for the success of a brokerage. Appointment and scheduling tools can help segment customers and help you manage your time. Appointment scheduling tools organize and automate appointments by enabling customers to book in-person, video-based, or voice-based appointments with service providers via an app, website in the form of an online scheduler, or kiosk.

Also, it allows scheduling of appointments ahead of time with reminders and follow-ups. In addition to enabling frontline employees and executives keep an eye on different service lines at once and meet consumers with various needs without the need to switch counters.


2. Lead Generation Tools

Brokers are constantly searching to attract and engage prospective customers. Lead generation is when companies create strategies using online tools to get more users and transform them into clients. Lead generation tools help automate your search for prospects, increase marketing presence and following, and ultimately build trust.

It gives access to very powerful information about their target audience. This allows them to build databases with users interested in the brand and detect the most attractive areas for their potential clients.


3. Project Management Tools

Project management tools assist in organizing and managing projects and tasks effectively. For organized work to achieve success in your brokerage, project management tools are key. To streamline business operations and enhance efficient teamwork, an online workspace that allows you to do more than simply chat is a necessity.

There are many options on the market. Make sure the one you choose offers both video and messaging capabilities to stay better connected with your team. Compare Ringcentral Video and Slack to find the one best suited for your brokerage.


4. Graphic Design Tools

Graphic design utilizes visual compositions in solving problems and communicating opinions via imagery, typography, form, and color. Various types of graphic design include visual identity (such as logo, typography, color palette), marketing and advertising (such as flyers, menus, posters), user interface (app design, web page design), motion graphics (for presentations, tutorials), and others.

You don’t have to be a graphic guru today to do basic photo editing or other graphic designs. Loads of free tools can get you started with your logo, letterhead, presentations, etc.


Continue Positive Growth

As an intermediary between clients and service providers, the schedule of a broker revolves around gathering new leads and reaching new ones to stay successful. Optimizing productivity can be achieved if tools can be maximized to aid your brokerage’s success. Make use of these tools and see your brokerage succeeding.