Elateral enables brands in all industries to maintain high levels of relevance, quickly and affordably, and within brand compliance by automating content production across all formats. CEO of the Month – USA award winner Perry Kamel spoke to us about how he attained his current job role and what he enjoys the most about it.

The mission of Elateral is simple but powerful. Elateral enables brands in all industries to maintain high levels of relevance, quickly and affordably, and within brand compliance by automating content production across all formats. In doing so, they deliver massive amounts of uniquely attributable value very quickly and non-disruptively. At the same time, they unleash the full potential of all other marketing technologies and systems.

Most importantly, their patent-pending platform that enables marketers to adapt content across all formats and channels, in minutes, is proven to reduce unit production costs and even time to market by 90%. Or more. With their cloud-based platform, brands are able to empower global and local marketers to deliver flawless marketing that is on brand and on time according to Elateral’s CEO Perry Kamel. He shares his thoughts about winning the CEO of the Month – USA award, what this means to his firm and what he enjoys most about being in this role.

“Elateral’s greatest honour, and the most significant measure of our success, is when clients win thirdparty awards. To date, approximately 80% of all Elateral clients have won third-party awards for high-value marketing innovations powered by the firm’s platform. This is what really makes us tick, and we’re so proud of that fact. That said, it is a great honour indeed that our hard-working team has been recognised in this way. “

“This award helps validate Elateral’s transformative vision and game-changing innovations that are solving one of the most profound challenges faced by virtually all marketers today: to produce content that powers relevant, engaging, and authentic experiences for consumers across channels, in any media format (social, mobile, web, print, 2D, 3D and even video), with unthinkable speed and cost efficiency, and with the bullet-proof brand integrity and compliance demanded in today’s dynamic and highly competitive market environment.
“Nothing is more meaningful or rewarding than helping clients, partners, employees and others to unlock their greatest potential to achieve the unthinkable. The opportunity to contribute to the personal and professional growth, success and security of so many is a humbling and energising privilege. To help others find purpose, meaning, and reward in their work, along with a good measure of good old fashioned fun, makes it all worthwhile.”

In terms of his career background, Perry has nearly thirty years’ experience delivering highvalue technology and marketing innovations. Prior to joining Elateral, Perry was a founding Managing Director of Accenture Interactive, served as Chief Marketing Officer for technology firms Ciena and Siemens ICN, as well as group Chief Executive for Siemens Next Generation Networks. As a former board member of the National Telecommunications Association and a McKinsey & Company alumni with extensive experience in applied innovation, Perry is no stranger to working with cutting edge technology solutions, and the organisational and operational aspects so vital to enduring success.

Throughout his career, Perry has played pivotal roles in pioneering many technology breakthroughs that power our present-day lives, including intelligent optical networking, voice-over-IP communications, presence-based communications, permissionbased marketing, collaborative video and other web-based applications. As a recognised pioneer in multi-channel interactive marketing and content supply chain transformation, he also has several patents and successful start-ups to his credit.

Perry then goes on to explain how it felt when he first became a CEO, and also his responsibilities towards his investors and staff.
“That was quite a long time ago! I suppose that feeling really hasn’t changed. It is very humbling and inspiring to this day. Being CEO puts tremendous responsibility for the well-being of many squarely on one’s shoulders. It also provides tremendous latitude in determining how you specifically wish to impact the lives, personally and professionally, of those in your charge and within your sphere of influence.
“A CEO must look after the well-being of the enterprise and its investors, of course; but, this is inextricably linked to the positive impact one has on the many stakeholders that matter most. In a very real sense, success is less the objective than the symptom of doing the right things in the right way for the right reasons.

“Few things are more powerful than to provide each individual member of my staff with a clear sense of purpose, vision, direction, and personal contribution to a great mission. This is really what it all comes down to.”
The closing words go to Perry – who imparts his vision for the firm in 2017 and beyond – and also the opportunities and challenges he personally faces as a CEO.

“We are seeing accelerating growth and amplified success as a business. We’re sustaining that by doing the right thing, and doing it the right way. Our mission is transformational. We are energised and inspired by the tremendous value we are able to deliver our clients quickly and reliably in a nondisruptive way. “

“As mentioned above, 80% of our clients have been honoured with third-party awards for high-value innovation. This is such a tremendous source of inspiration for us! Elateral’s greatest aspirations for 2017 and beyond is to keep making award-winning heroes among our clients!

“Growth is both a blessing and a challenge. As we continue expanding our business and strengthening the firm’s market leadership, we are determined to strengthen and build upon our solid cultural foundation of being obsessively committed to delivering success and value for our clients. Yes, we’re very proud of Elateral’s technology leadership and extensive portfolio of patent-pending innovations and advantages; but delivering value and advantages to our clients is our overarching priority.”