Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington Attunix is a software and cloud services company and a leader in helping clients modernise their business using technology. Incorporated just prior to the economic downturn of 2008, we formed during a time of economic uncertainty, but at a time of great technology advancement. As the business environment stabilised, the nature of our firm’s work and type of services we offered changed as well. Attunix realised that we had to adapt and focus on impactful services to make that journey together with our clients.

As a company, Attunix is particularly focused on customers undergoing or in need of business transformation; especially as it relates to developing a new line of business, delivering innovative services upon existing products and offerings as well as seeking to be disruptive within their industry. Through a blend of business and cloud consulting, we lead our clients through the strategic choices that affect top-line revenue.

In my role as CEO, I wear many hats but none more important than working with our clients and ensuring we are aligned in meeting business objectives. Forming partnerships, team structuring, enablement, practice development and business development is all built to ensure we are focused on delivering the highest level of service in the most impactful areas for our clients.

Everything Attunix does today is a cloud-based service or offering. We specialise in four key areas of impact: application modernisation, internet of things, advanced analytics, and modern data centers. By leveraging technology in these four areas, we find there are tremendous opportunities to advance our clients’ businesses regardless of their industry.

At our core, Attunix is always seeking to put technology to work, either to increase our client’s productivity or to develop and expand a new service offering for their customers. That is the key, when we focus on our clients’ customers, great things then happen.

In regards to Attunix’s clients, they range from small start-ups to established enterprises. The great thing about the services we offer is that there is a demand for them at every level. Our ideal client is one that is undergoing a lot of change, digital transformation, or needs to be more competitive in their marketspace. It is in these cases where we get to put on our business hats and really get down to business impacts and differentiation. Our approach always begins with the business. If we cannot map a clear business outcome, then we normally pass or pause the project until it is established.

Prior to forming Attunix, I held a number of software and service delivery roles. I worked both at project and leadership levels, at consulting firms and dotcom start-ups. Graduating with a business degree across three majors, my goal was always to start a company. In 2006 that dream became a reality and I had the good fortune of forming Attunix with my brother, Brian.

Much of my work prior to starting Attunix had been in the area of large systems integration and strategic technology initiatives. Together, we found a constant theme and successful outcomes of working with the business to properly align or ‘attune’ the organisation’s IT and business concerns and goals.

Currently, Attunix is doing very well, especially from how we were when we started in 2006. We have nearly doubled in this past year alone, and have expanded nationally with employees and clients coast to coast. In our business, the pace of technology change is always a challenge and our clients look to us to help guide their decisions. We cannot give what we do not have, so making sure we stay on the front edge of that technology change is imperative.

Growth presents its own set of challenges too. As we expand into other markets and the team gets larger, it naturally puts pressure on the operational functions and aligning our services accordingly.

In regards to the industry based challenges on the horizon, with the advancement of cloud, mobile, and data, our industry is experiencing a tremendous amount of change which has a disruptive effect within and upon other industries. In many aspects, it is levelling the playing field of large established companies with small up-and-comers that are not encumbered with existing investments. This is a really exciting time for technology and innovation, and we love being one of the companies in the centre of it. The companies that move quickly to get ahead of their competition, stand to separate.

To be receiving this award is an honour. As CEO, I am most focused on earning happy clients through great delivery, and that is where I take a tremendous amount of pride. Owing to the fact that we are a services-based business, our employees have a direct impact on that measure of Attunix’s success. So while I greatly appreciate the praise and award, I am most proud of my team and the impact they are having upon our clients.

My number one challenge and opportunity for 2016 will be managing the growth while continuing to deliver great value for Attunix’s clients while maintaining the strong values and character on which company was founded. Beyond that, the firm is continually working to stay ahead of the competition and to bring forward-thinking solutions to our clients to differentiate and streamline their business.

Company: Attunix

Name: Matt O’Donnell



Address: Bellevue Home Office Location, 10500 NE 8th Street Suite 625, Bellevue, WA 98004

Telephone: 1 (206) 774 3163