ReactJS is a mainstream technology incorporated by the world’s top organizations and businesses like Netflix, Facebook, Salesforce,  Instacart, and many more. Project owners keep adding this efficient and straightforward tool to their tech stacks. Consequently, managers look for dedicated React engineers. And if you also need a ReactJS developer for hire, read on.

About ReactJS and Its Developers

ReactJS is a free-to-use JavaScript library used for web app development. Programmers use its pre-written code pieces (called components) to create a user interface (UI) –- elements that enable interaction between users and apps. These can be search fields, menu buttons, checkboxes, scrolling bars, online forms, date and time pickers, and similar tools.

ReactJS is currently the most famous tool used by front-end engineers. It streamlines the development process, allows for more flexibility, and improves application performance. Moreover, it’s easier to learn than Vue and Angular technologies. That’s because ReactJS helps to combine HTML and JavaScript.


A React engineer’s routine activities are creating interactive web app elements, testing applications, and communicating with clients and back-end developers. And to be successful, React coders need to know the JavaScript programming language, HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) used for creating a web page structure, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) required for the visual website layout. Below are the infographics with more skills a ReactJS engineer should possess.


React developers are on the market, and often hiring them can seem as simple as, say, equipping your business with an outsourced phone answering service team. However, companies can spend extra budgets and time on this task without the right approach.

Finding ReactJS Development Service

When you need dedicated ReactJS developers, there are several ways to find and hire them. The choice will depend on the structure of your HR department, allowed budgets, preferences on your team’s location, and readiness to delegate related administrative tasks. We’ll start with the most beneficial and trendy option:

Outsourcing ReactJS development services. This format has become popular due to its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Once you find a reliable service provider, it can take several weeks to assemble a dedicated ReactJS developers team. You get control over these engineers while the local company employs them and covers all related issues. This way, you stay focused on the project.

Moreover, outsourcing providers can help you cut salary expenses. This is possible due to the lower cost of living in countries where hired developers are located. Project owners can also save on office rents, hardware purchases, and team administration. And you only pay a fixed fee once a month for all these benefits.

Employing programmers through recruiters. If you aren’t ready to manage a remote team of developers, you can hire them on-site. Large organizations usually have professional recruiters, so grouping a team of ReactJS engineers is a matter of time and money. But even if you don’t have in-office recruiters, plenty of third-party or freelance professionals can assist you.

Recruiting experts will help you describe and post the position to job search sites. After a week or two, you can get your first CVs and start interviewing candidates. Recruiting companies often provide guarantees for replacement if the newcomer leaves soon after beginning work. However, the commission for finding coders can equal their monthly salary.

Searching LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become an effective tool for finding professionals in various industries. With its paid Recruiter and Recruiter Light plans, you can search the entire network. Numerous filters will help you select the profiles that match your criteria best. And it’s possible to message contacts via InMail if they are your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-degree connections.

This means that you can’t write to users outside of this network and will see only some information about their profiles. Instead of the first and last name, you’ll see such an expert as a “LinkedIn Member” So, to contact this specialist, you’ll need to send an invitation first. And only when it’s accepted you’ll be able to send a message.

Exploring job platforms. Many experienced ReactJS developers leave their CVs on job boards. So, these platforms can be a great alternative to LinkedIn, and corporate recruiters successfully use them too. You can think that only freelancers leave their resumes on such websites. But modern portals allow candidates to mark that they are ready for full-time positions. And you only need to select this criterion to see such users.

If hiring people from job boards still seems risky, try the most reliable ones like Toptal, X-Team, CodementorX, Upwork, ValueCoders, Gigahertz, and others. Some of them check applicants before activating their profile, while others ensure both sides with processing payments.

Outsourcing Other Developers

Often you need to hire more software developers, UI/UX designers, managers, and other specialists for your project. Or you may need JavaScript, Python, Node.js, C#, or a PHP specialist to join your product development team. Rest assured, the four ways mentioned above can work well for finding any of these top professionals.

However, outsourcing remains the most reliable and cost-effective option if you want to hire a PHP developer or take a dedicated team of top talents on board. In addition, outsourcing cooperation lets you stay focused on critical processes and boost your team’s productivity.

As a Conclusion

Thousands of top companies use ReactJS for their websites as this JavaScript-based library is practical and straightforward. And to make it work, businesses look for experienced ReactJS developers. In 2022, there are four main ways to find them. You can address outsourcing providers and professional recruiters, search on LinkedIn, or various job portals. However, outsourcing remains the most beneficial for businesses.