Lawrence Grant Chartered Accountants

Lawrence Grant Chartered Accountants has been providing accountancy services and tax advice to 100’s of individuals, sole traders, corporate businesses and multi-national clients across Middlesex and the Greater London area since 1969. They are a strong team of 20 accountancy professionals and 4 partners. The firm operates from their office in Harrow, Middlesex and is a member firm of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales (ICAEW). In a special interview, Graham offers a unique insight into the work the firm does, as well as his views on the impact June 23rd could have for Britain and what this will mean for people and businesses around the world.

What are some of the areas your firm specialises in?

Accountancy and Taxation, Business Start Ups, Cross Border Tax, HMRC Tax Enquiries. Specialist Services for the Medical, Dental, Beauty, Legal (Barristers & Solicitors) and Media Sectors.

Can you tell us what your client base looks like? Who do you serve?

Our client base is a mix of tax return clients, sole traders, partnerships and SMEs. We have a heavy leaning towards cross-border tax advice, as a significant percentage of our clients have an international aspect.

Please give us a brief, overall description of what your firm does and what services you provide for individuals and businesses?

Through our association with GGI (Geneva Group International) we can provide investors with greater access to trusted professionals in over 90 countries around the world to explore key issues affecting business growth and development. This includes working abroad, cross-border trading, overseas business or property investments.

What are your views on the impact June 23rd could have for Britain and what this will mean for people and businesses around the world, as the UK decides whether or not to leave the European Union?

There could be positive and negative consequences for the UK. The positive would be increased freedom to explore its own tax rates and legislation. The negative would almost surely be reduced inward investment, both from our present fellow EU members but also from the wider business world which sees the UK as a natural entry point to the EU.

Should the leave vote be successful, what impact could this have on firms based within Britain?

Those with foreign ownership may well re-examine the viability of being located in a non-EU country. Those reliant on EU nationals for their staffing will need to look to UK nationals in the event that EU nationals will need to go the work permit route. If they can find local skilled workers then fine, but if not…

What role do your staff play in the successes of your firm?

Our staff ARE our firm. They are by and large our major fee earners and a number of them are client facing too. We also run regular internal workshops to nurture and encourage our staff who are keen to forge new business relationships using the networking marketplace (E.G BNI, GGI, Link For Growth & UKTI) and to generate greater exposure for the firm and its services.

What challenges does your company and / or industry face in 2016 and beyond?

Our major challenges are keeping abreast of technology improvements and staffing. We believe we are at the forefront of technological advances in our industry and are well ahead of most firms our size in regard to the use of innovative software. But this is a constant and ever-changing process of evolution. Regarding staffing, the UK accountancy profession is right now very much an employee s market. We are aware of the need to provide a challenging work environment in which our staff can grow and gain much job satisfaction.

Company: Lawrence Grant,
Chartered Accountants
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