The Key to Unlocking Success: Post-Merger Integration – Synergy and Value

Bryan Brighton is the Regional Director at Merrill DataSite. Based in their European Headquarters, London, Bryan supports the International growth of the Merrill DataSite business. He spoke to AI about how he delivers success for his company.

In simple terms, the key to unlocking success in a post-merger integration (PMI) scenario is two-fold. Firstly, careful preparation needs to have taken place during the due diligence phase of the M&A process, to ensure synergies exist between the entities concerned and that ultimately there will be a good “fit”. Secondly, the synergies and value that have been identified need to be delivered through robust communication and rigorous contract management in the newly formed organisation.

The merger of two entities means assimilating and taking ownership of new personnel, new contracts and potentially disparate communications procedures that, at best, will need harmonisation to realise efficiency, and, at worst, need immediate and urgent attention to guard against waste or lost revenue.

The experienced and seasoned business leaders we work with understand that once the ink has dried on their deal, a handle needs to quickly be gained on any conflicting or contrasting processes, document repositories or contract management arrangements. Establishing this control creates a new and better “business as usual” routine for their clients, staff, shareholders and external partners. Pulling together the operation, managing contracts and renewing commercial agreements quickly helps secure future revenue and ensures ongoing profitability for the new organisation.

Getting to grips with these issues early on in the merger process is of vital importance, otherwise the value previously identified at the start of the M&A project can very quickly evaporate through waste, inefficiency and lost income.

We believe the greatest success in achieving synergy and delivering value comes when companies prepare for their future state throughout the due diligence process, and then see that through in the practical implementation of innovative and best-in-class technology to help manage the contractual and commercial challenges post-merger integration inevitably brings.