Codex Beauty Labs is a biotech company grounded in science, dedicated to supporting microbiome. Its pioneering cruelty-free products are clinically-proven to provide meaningful benefits. In light of the company being named Most Innovative Bioscience-Based Skincare Company 2021 – USA in this issue of Acquisition International, we explore what makes biotech beauty so great, not only for the consumer, but the environment, too.

Codex Beauty Labs’ mission is to blend the sciences of ethnobotany and plant biology with biotech innovation to create a new standard within the natural space: plant-based biotech beauty. It is a new wave in beauty that doesn’t play by the rules – it invents them. Codex Beauty utilises biotech beauty to engineer the next generation in pure clinical results. But first, what exactly is biotech beauty?

Biotech beauty is the process of creating skin-benefiting elements from plant-based (renewable) materials through fermentation or cell culture to formulate performative bio actives – this is the key ingredient used by Codex Beauty.

The science of biotech beauty uses microbes (bacteria, yeast, algae) to sustainably produce high-tech skincare actives for effective results. Codex Beauty’s innovative approach to skincare results in more efficient production of ‘all the good stuff’ for pure, concentrated ingredients which use less water and energy for minimum waste and maximum efficacy.

Codex Beauty Labs was founded by CEO, Dr Barbara Paldus, who, as a scientist, believes in data and biotechnology. Codex Beauty was conceived from a need to deliver high-efficacy skincare solutions that defy the mainstream with science-based effective ingredients. From top to bottom, Barbara has created a line that puts the plant power back into consumers’ hands – with the results to back it up.

Dr Paldus said, “I think that transparency and trust are missing from the skincare industry. There is simply not enough information for people to make truly informed decisions. We would like to change that by being an ‘open book’. [sic] We can do our best and share what we do know is healthy, beneficial and effective.”

Psychologically, there is a strong sense of reassurance when using plant-powered biotech ingredients directly on your skin. Codex Beauty’s planet-friendly, plant-derived skincare has the efficacy stats to support feeling good; that’s why it remains transparent about its scientific claims and clinical findings.

Using a unique science-meets-nature beauty philosophy, Codex Beauty with the help of ethnobotanists identifies medicinal plants, then thoroughly researches the impact of their actives on gene expression in skin cells. Codex Beauty utilises either state-of-the-art extract methods or bio-fermentation to create the resulting actives, and it then formulates to enhance the potency of the performance of these bio actives.

Focusing on using plants, such as extracts of soothing rosehip in its Revitalising Facial Oil, as opposed to fossil fuels, Codex Beauty can produce its bio actives in a sustainable way to minimise its overall carbon footprint. This process is one of the ways the company is envisioning the future of skincare.

It is committed to minimising the environmental impact of every aspect of its operation. Alongside sourcing ingredients that are biotech-manufactured, Codex Beauty ensures its packaging is fully recyclable, with its product tubes produced using carbon-reducing polyethylene from renewable sugar cane, as well as its cartons being PSC-certified. It has minimised its carbon footprint in shipping and distribution, too, and its goal is to have a zero carbon footprint by 2025.

Codex Beauty also supports the Nagoya protocol and invests in building infrastructure for better working conditions, access to healthcare and education, while also exercising Fair Trade, supporting local growers and indigenous harvesters and paying fair market prices to local communities.

Supporting, protecting, and preserving the ecology and biodiversity of the areas where its partners harvest, Codex Beauty is able to provide economic support to local communities, spearheading its high standards for inclusivity and sustainability in beauty production.

Also crucial in Codex Beauty’s operations is the conducting of clinical tests on its products, publishing data to prove their high performance. The technology it uses isn’t only patented, but its disruptive; whether its plant-based hydration (Bia Complex™) or food-grade preservation system (PreservX™), Codex innovates formulas that take skincare to a whole new level.

And the company knows what’s in every tube – literally. It controls the complete supply chain – from sustainable wild harvesting through pharma-grade clean processes and its airless packaging to achieve the highest quality possible. Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) are applied to its production process to create consistent high-quality and performance as well as prevent contamination. Each product is completely safe, complying with each country’s different cosmetic laws, registered with governmental health authorities wherever they are sold.

Now, Codex Beauty’s customers speak for themselves, sharing their thoughts on the company’s products. One person said, “Codex Beauty is proven to be the cleanest of clean skincare and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make the switch to safe clean beauty.”

Another customer said, “Firstly, I love their ethos of sustainable packaging coupled with the products being cruelty-free and packed full of exceptional organic ingredients… To top it off, the products live up to and surpass all expectations. The superfood and facial oil in particular are absolutely amazing… I’ve said it before – they’re the holy grail of skincare. What’s not to love?”

Not only all of the above, but customers also benefit from a useful feature on Codex Beauty’s website in the form of a quiz to get personalised recommendations for skincare, matching them to products that match their skin type. The quiz asks the user a series of questions covering age, the area they live (urban, suburban, countryside, seaside, mountainous), their gender, whether they are pregnant or breastfeeding, how they would describe their skin type (dry, normal, combi, oily, not sure), their biggest skin concern (eye puffiness, dark eye circles, wrinkles, acne, sensitive skin, etc.), how many glasses of water they drink each day, how much sun exposure they get on a daily basis, whether they use SPF, and if they are allergic to any ingredients.

Overall, it’s easy to see how Codex Beauty has achieved all the success it has, producing ground-breaking, environmentally-friendly and effective products that exceed peoples’ expectations. Its loyal customer base loves what it is doing and they can’t get enough of the products that give their skin the nourishment it needs for a healthy glow. The only way is up for Codex Beauty as it continues on the road of plant-powered biotech solutions for healthy skin and microbiome support.

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