a2e Industries are an innovative, Manchester based investment firm focusing on mid-market firms. We profile the firm and examine its dedication to creating shareholder value.

Since inception in 2001, a2e has distinctly embraced investing in or acquiring mid-market industrial/ manufacturing businesses, in special situations such as turnarounds, stagnant businesses, shareholder conflicts or exits, financial distress and businesses poised for substantial growth. Now, the firm’s operations closely resemble those of a traditional London Merchant Bank, but with an entrepreneurial perspective and a distinctive focus and ethos.

As such a2e invest in or acquire underperforming Mid-market industrial companies, focusing on achieving their aim: to affect a transformation of the key fundamentals of the businesses, thus “enabling/ revitalising” the corporates and empowering the managers to prosper in the global marketplace. An inspirational and sustainable investment model, fit for the 21st Century, this innovative approach is applied with passion and integrity.

a2e’s CEO, Amin Amiri, a prominent and innovative corporate financier, founded a2e 15 years ago with the sole purpose of implementing his distinctive vision and operating ethos, and deploying his contrarian approach to investing and management of the portfolio companies.

Operating as a long term investor, a2e mainly invests on a selective basis in businesses with a neglected industrial brand and/ or in special situations. Once it has invested the firm seeks to inspire the people within the business and help them develop a shared strategic vision and a road map to wealth creation, tailored to the business’s strengths. Wealth is created by empowering the managers to invest in/ upgrade the business fundamentals and to create sustainable competitive edges fit for the global marketplace. Through this hands-on approach a2e create alignment of objectives with the managers and other stakeholders by sharing the reward, and are cognisant of preserving the best features of a business including the loyalty of the people.

This is in line with the firm’s overall strategy, which relies upon the three prongs of the transformative process, which a2e believes are an astute strategic assessment of a business’s competences/ competitive environment, an entrepreneurial deployment of our own funds and a robust alignment of our execution/management capabilities and respective interests.

Fundamentally, a2e’s impressive progress and track record is due to this all-encompassing approach and our entrepreneurial perspective to creating value/wealth for Mid-market businesses and shareholders. The firm’s Academy of Executives, consisting of seasoned and successful industrialists/CEO’s is a source of inspiration and provides creative advice to a2e’s portfolio company managers.

What truly sets a2e apart is its enabling ethos, deploying the key pillars of successful investing in Mid-market businesses. Uniquely, the firm focus on shareholder strategy first and foremost, as this naturally determines the investment parameters, risk appetite and at the outset, a clear path to enhancing value.

The vision for the business and the corporate strategy is then determined firmly within this context. A key attribute of a2e is its vast experience and expertise in evaluating, determining and implementing appropriate shareholder and corporate strategies.
By deploying their own funds to invest as equity and debt in mid-market companies, a2e highlight their faith in their own, unique approach. The ability to commit funds quickly is a most effective way to invest in/acquire underperforming/hyper-growth businesses and a major differentiating feature of a2e. In many such circumstances, raising funds from third parties is time consuming and is often futile, making a2e an ideal partner for many midmarket firms.

Because a2e is focused on enabling the firms it invests in rather than simply profiting from them, the company is results driven and works hard to ensure that goals are achieved. As businesses grow and develop complex operations and need to cope with challenging global market conditions, the ability to implement a chosen shareholder or corporate strategy is paramount in achieving the desired results. As such, a2e’s in-house expertise is augmented by an Academy of Executives – effectively a panel of Industry Experts together with an Advisory Board. The company firmly believe this is a potent force to reckon with, as its strong track record demonstrates.

Overall, a2e Industries see great opportunity in the challenging and contrarian niche that is mid-market investment, and are committed to offering clients the very best solutions, support and products in the mid-market, which is the “engine room” of the UK economy and is often overlooked by other investors. The firm are committed to unlocking the potential, preserve and enhance wealth by deploying its entrepreneurial flair, as augmented by a high level of expertise and involvement, and continuing to do this will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright and exciting future.

a2e’s current portfolio of investments span 4 strategic divisions: Aerospace, Logistics, Industrial/ Decorative and Training. The aggregate sales and EBITDA are £130M and £13M respectively with the aim of doubling the EBITDA within 3 years.