Beyerlein Attorneys is a Mannheim-based law-firm, highly specialised in Intellectual Property (IP), life sciences and complex litigation. As part of the Leading Advisor 2017 awards, the firm and Thorsten Beyerlein were delighted to receive the esteemed Leading Intellectual Property Practitioner of the Year award for Germany. We invited them to tell us more about this respected law firm and what winning this award means to them.

Beyerlein Attorneys provides advice to their clients, with respect to court proceedings (litigation) and they also accompany their clients in all legal issues, from product development to marketing. Thorsten Beyerlein himself begins by explaining what wining this award means to both himself and the firm, after which he gives an insight into his own job role.

“To win the Leading Intellectual Property Practitioner of the Year – Germany, we (the law firm) and especially me, are proud to win be included in the Leading Advisor Awards 2017. We see the Leading Intellectual Property Practitioner of the Year award for Germany as a clear sign for our successful strategy, which is to provide high-end advice to our clients, with a special focus on the fields of IP, life sciences and complex litigation that we specialise in.

“This award provides recognition for our work in recent years, from a third party point of view. We are glad to receive this award, not only our clients, but also for other players in the market who value our work.

“My personal role in our law-firm can be described as managing partner. As I mentioned before, I specialise in Intellectual Property, that is patent litigation, trademark litigation and prosecution as well as design litigation and prosecution and – of course – all anti-trust and unfair competition issues. I have also a branch-focus on life sciences, however, I do also advise numerous companies of other branches in areas such as engineering, consumer products and fashion.”

The firm has a wide experience in litigation and they also handle complex litigation issues, such as technical and scientific challenging cases. They can successfully handle multi-national-litigation in Europe and all over the world. Thorsten is keen to reveal more about the firm’s work with their clients.

“Furthermore, we advise our clients with respect to their strategy in the market, marketing activities and IP-prosecution. During 2016 and 2017, we were already involved in more than a dozen cases at the German Federal Supreme Court and the German Federal Constitution Court.

“Our work and efforts for clients incorporate not only representation in court, and with respect to negotiations of agreements, but we also accompany legislative matters for our clients. In terms of the extent to which advisers contribute massively to a company’s success, we assume that with respect to the complexity of business today, only highly specialised advisers can perform for their clients. Therefore, the collaboration of different advisers on the one hand and the client on the other hand, is the key for us being successful in the market today.
“Regarding clients, we serve mid-level national companies as well as multi-national, global acting companies. Frequently, I am invited as speaker for both national and international conferences. Alongside this, I am also the author and/or editor of numerous reference books (e.g. on design law and life science agreements). Furthermore, I regularly publish articles in leading law journals.”

Thorsten concludes the interview by adding his thoughts on the key role of the firm’s staff, as well as his ambitions for the future.
“As for our staff, I would like to say that the firm’s well-rehearsed team are the guarantor of our success. Especially in terms of the commitment of our staff, which allows us to handle time-critical cases, even ‘overnight’ in some instances.

“Finally, for the remainder of 2017, we want to strengthen our relationship with clients and potential partner-law-firms in Asia, especially in China. We actively participate in a lawyer-exchange with China.”