Sand & Sebolt, LPA is an intellectual property boutique law firm located in Northeast Ohio, USA. They were recently awarded the Most Outstanding IP Law Firm 2016 as part of the 2016 Global Excellence Awards, after which we invited them to profile the work of their firm.

The original founding member of Sand & Sebolt, LPA has been practicing patent law since 1969 and continues to mentor and advise the current roster of nationally recognised patent attorneys. The U.S. patent attorneys at Sand & Sebolt devote themselves to one area of practice—intellectual property. Patents, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition, licensing and associated litigationthese are our specialties.

Sand & Sebolt provides goal-oriented legal services by meeting the specific needs of individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs and large corporations involved with intellectual property issues. Sand & Sebolt combines personalised attention with a wealth of national and international resources to create successful long-term relationships.

While Sand & Sebolt does not seek accolades or recognition, many are bestowed upon the attorneys and the firm. We are proud to have won the Most Outstanding IP Law Firm 2016 award as part of the 2016 Global Excellence Awards. In addition to this, the firm was also named as a winner of in 2017 IP Excellence Awards as the Patent Attorney of the Year 2017 – Ohio, and a winner of the North America News – Legal Elite of 2017 as the Best IP Law Boutique – Ohio & Recognised Leader in Patent Prosecution – Mid-West USA, amongst many others.

Sand & Sebolt counsels clients ranging from a Fortune 500 company to individual entrepreneurs, with most of our client base originating from middlemarket companies and research institutions.
As a firm, we have a very active international practice, inasmuch as competing in a global marketplace requires a sophisticated approach to determine which intellectual property assets need to be protected and in which specific markets they need protection. Sand & Sebolt regularly prepares and prosecutes international filings and has a dedicated, highly-trained staff to facilitate the rapid and accurate administration of foreign filings.

Sand & Sebolt’s approach to international filings reflects the firm’s overall philosophy of understanding each client’s specific goals and needs, while implementing a team approach to providing the best possible protection regardless of the country.
The firm has spent a great deal of time forging relationships with intellectual property experts from around the world and utilises this vast network of qualified and reliable associates to properly protect your intellectual property assets in a myriad of foreign countries. Similarly, law firms from around the world rely on Sand & Sebolt to perform valuable and timely international filing services for them and their clients.