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(HIS) Cummings Global Associates Ltd, 2016 Boutique Business of the Year, is a firm of business consultants who specialise in working with small businesses and entrepreneurs.

We provide tailored solutions to help businesses grow and to overcome challenges and support with business planning, complete business projects for you or supply you with business consultants and mentors on an ongoing basis. Although much of our work is with established small and medium sized businesses we also provide consultancy to entrepreneurs to plan and test new business ideas.

HIS Cummings Global Associates provide management consultancy, business process outsourcing and project management for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our management consultants, advisors and project managers have experience working with large multinational companies, small and medium sized business and entrepreneurs. Backing up their practical experience they also all hold qualifications with leading institutes and business organisations including accreditation with the Institute for Independent Business.
Everything we do is tailored to the needs of our clients. We can provide ongoing management consultancy and support for business, complete business process outsourcing or one off project outsourcing and project management.

Many of our clients are small business or entrepreneurs who do not have the time or resources to tackle specific problems or take on new projects in their business. By contracting HIS Cummings Global Associates, they can focus on their core business activities while we help them to resolve issues and open up new areas of business.

Strictly Ethical & Realistic Conduct
We operate under a strict code of ethics so you can be sure that all our help and advice will be directed to what you and your business needs and nothing more. We know your time is in short supply so we try to keep things as straight forward as possible and avoid the use of jargon, caveats and extended legal terms and conditions.

About Audie Cummings
HIS Cummings Global Associates was founded by Audie Cummings, MBA, AIIB. Audie has worked with a range of blue chip organisations and institutions delivering projects and business solutions. These include:
• PYBT Selected Audie Cummings to exhibit & first introduced to HRH Prince Charles of Wales;
• MBE Emmanuel Cotter Ex-Ambassador to St Lucia;
• Professor John ‘O’Keefe developed the breakthrough for Alzheimer’s’;
• MBE Tony Wade ‘Dyke & Dryden’ and;
• Bishop E. J. Charles of ‘The Refuge Church of The Living God’.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Many of our clients are small and medium sized businesses who need assistance with projects in order to grow or expand their business. Often there is a need for businesses to undertake activities which fall outside of their core business expertise or which they simply don’t have the resources in house to complete themselves. In these circumstances HIS Global Associates can provide outsourced business process support.

Some of the areas where it is common for HIS Cummings to become involved in business process outsourcing include recruitment and HR, supply chain management, marketing and finance. We differentiate Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) from our project outsourcing service in that that process outsourcing is for ongoing business services rather than specific one-off projects.

BPO for Small Businesses
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is commonly used by large multinational corporations. They frequently outsource whole divisions on their operations to other companies. This may include call centres, customer support or manufacturing.

The advantages of using Business Process Outsourcing for large corporations are not that dissimilar to the advantages for small businesses. By outsourcing parts of your business, you also outsource the hassle and expense of directly employing people, training and managing them. For specialist services, it can also include getting rid of the investment that would be needed in software, machinery and specialist equipment that would be required to do the work in house.

Another advantage for smaller businesses, and especially for start-ups, is that it allows you to try out new business operations with minimal investment and if it doesn’t work the supplier can be switched or that area of the business operation can be dropped. This allows small businesses to operate in a more flexible way without tying up large amounts of capital in people or processes.

BPO Sourcing and Agreements
HIS Cummings have a network of experts and advisors that we work with. Although some of our experts may take on business processes directly for smaller businesses we more commonly help with sourcing of BPO suppliers.

One of the keys to successfully outsourcing businesses processes is having clearly defines service level agreements (SLAs) written into the contract. This will include response times, quality levels and cost responsibilities. To arrive at a satisfactory SLA, it is necessary to assess what your business (and customers) need and then break this down into measurable performance indicators which can be easily monitored.

Our consultants can help both with the initial assessment of your business needs, the drafting of agreements and then sourcing and selecting the appropriate organisations to outsource your processes to.

To find out more about how we can help your business benefit from business process outsourcing give us a call on 08000 460 604.

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