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BROWZ is a software as a service (SaaS) solution provider of supply chain qualification and risk management. In today’s economic environment, most large organizations outsource work to contractors.

While the number of contractors, suppliers and vendors that they employ varies, it’s virtually impossible for the hiring company to consistently know that these 3rd parties meet their requirements for health, safety and risk related activities, without a software and service solution to manage their data. Additionally, it’s critical that this information is monitored and maintained overtime as expired information could introduce significant risk to the hiring company.

BROWZ provides critical supply chain insight and validated information that includes insurance, health and safety, financial, diversity, legal, corporate social responsibility and sustainability assessments. Their clients can then make informed decisions about utilizing contractors with assurance that they have accurate and current information. BROWZ serves two distinct customers, large enterprise clients and their supply chains.

BROWZ global offices provide strategic planning, consultative best practices and support to their clientele. Using patented technology, BROWZ supply chain and safety specialists work with the client’s contractors and suppliers to collect, validate, and score information required by the hiring organization. The result is a solution that provides visibility into supply chain risk, so customers can make informed purchasing decisions in order to reduce risk throughout their organization.

The first step in the process is to conduct strategic planning with clients and provide recommendations for setting up a program that fits the client’s business needs. BROWZ then configures their patented technology to create an online assessment that supply chain members complete and provide required documentation. BROWZ scores and validates that information, at which time the clients log into the BROWZ system ( and can see at a glance, who does or doesn’t meet their requirements.

Day to day challenges

BROWZ is growing very rapidly as many companies now understand the critical need to improve management of their supply chains. As CEO, Elaine Beitler is focused on remaining ahead of that growth, expanding their leadership to support new markets, driving rapid advancement of their solution and service model to meet the needs of their clients today and in the future, while continuing to provide the highest level of service to their customers and maintaining the strong culture of client focus, teamwork and innovation within the growing organization.

“BROWZ is continually being asked to enter new geographies and industries,” says Beitler. ”We currently support our customer base from seven strategically located offices around the world, providing localized support. We work tirelessly to identify and select leadership and teams that provide our clients with the talent, experience, and creativity necessary in these growing markets.”

Elaine continues, “We continue to push ourselves to solve business challenges in unique ways, within our solution and service model. As we’ve grown, our product offering has expanded, both within our patented technology and service model, along with a growing list of partners who bring additional capabilities to our valued clients. “

Products and what sets the company apart from their competitors

BROWZ has developed a suite of offerings to manage a broad supply chain with varying levels of risk.

SURE Qualify, the core solution, helps customers answer the question, “Are my contractors and suppliers compliant?” Are the companies I’m hiring insured, safe, financially stable, socially responsible, and so much more.

SURE Workforce answers the question, “Are the employees of my contractors and suppliers compliant?” SURE Workforce goes beyond compliance and also provides tools to efficiently manage an outside workforce by providing webbased training, time tracking, and integrating with security and badging systems.

SURE Audit looks for evidence that standards have been implemented and followed. BROWZ employs qualified professionals to perform audits of safety programs and management systems looking for leading safety indicators. SURE Carrier is the company’s latest product (launched March 2016), which tracks and trends transportation suppliers for safety performance as registered motor carriers.

SURE Carrier provides clients with a detailed view of the performance of current motor carrier suppliers; and it gives data to validate new contractors based on trending performance data.

“Our focus on service and partnership is unparalleled in the industry, and it’s the foundation of our software and service model,” says Beitler. “BROWZ has the only patented technology in the industry. The software is flexible enough for each client to configure the contractor requirements and risk calculations to meet their unique needs.”

Competing solutions take a one-size-fits-all approach to compliance. Under this model, contractors become extremely frustrated, trying to conform to standards that don’t apply to them. BROWZ eliminates this issue by only requesting information and supporting documentation that is relevant to the supplier’s work type and the needs of their employing client.

BROWZ continuously invests in the product solution to adapt to the changing marketplace. In 2015, BROWZ led the market with a suite of mobile applications that are transforming the way clients work with their supply chain members. “BROWZ for Clients” provides enterprise organizations with real-time access to contractor management data. These mobile apps provide unprecedented access to real-time data both in the office and remote locations, anywhere a mobile or Wi-Fi connection is available.

Client base

As the premier provider of supplier qualification and management for the world’s largest organizations, BROWZ is structured to support their customer’s needs around the world. The software is currently localized to support their global client’s needs, and available in 9 languages which can be easily expanded as needed. BROWZ is head quartered in Salt Lake City, UT but has 7 corporate offices located around the globe with staff that are experienced and dedicated to local clients and their supply chains.

Industries the firm serves

At last count, BROWZ currently supports 35 different verticals or sub-verticals including manufacturing, chemical, health care, pharmaceuticals, energy, utilities, media/entertainment, construction, facilities management, universities, mining, rail and automotive. As Beitler says, “The truth is we haven’t found an industry that couldn’t benefit from BROWZ. “

Winning CEO of the Year the USA Award

“I’m personally honoured to be recognized by this highly respected organization, for this prestigious award. I see this award as a reflection of our many achievements in 2015, in advancing and differentiating our solution. I share this honour with an incredibly talented leadership team and the hundreds of employees who are fully committed to the company and the safety of the global workforce.”

Significant achievements from the past calendar year

2015 has been a year of achievements for BROWZ, and they’ve received a number of awards for our technology, leadership, safety and expertise. These awards include, BEST MOBILE APP, Spend Matters 50 Watch, CIO Review 20 Most Promising Procurement Solutions Providers, IS Tech 50 Most Valuable Tech Companies, Best Business Apps for Android Phones, and membership in the prestigious Campbell Institute.

Attaining the position of CEO

“In many ways, I feel that the first 30 years of my career have prepared me for the position of BROWZ CEO. This is by far the most exciting, rewarding highlight of my career,” Beitler continues. “I believe that a successful career is built on the foundation of a person’s natural talents in a field that they’re passionate about. From the beginning of my career, my natural ability has always been in developing high performing teams, and leading those teams to transform the way businesses operate through the application of technology. During my career I had the privilege to work at great companies including Bowne & Company and Seagram Company Ltd. where I had the opportunity to work with global, industry-leading companies. This experience provided me with real world knowledge of the most effective ways to apply technology and improve service.

In 2010, BROWZ was on a growth trajectory and looking to bring in leadership that could take the solution to the next level of development both within the product solution and globally for our clients. 

The fit was perfect, and since that time I’ve been passionate about delivering solutions that provide our clients with assurance that they’re working with the safest members of their supply chain.”

How the company has performed

Beitler has been with BROWZ for the last 5 years, during that time they’ve experienced an exciting growth phase. BROWZ has seen a 300% increase in client growth since 2010, these new clients are some of the world’s more recognizable brands. They attribute this growth to an expansive product solution that they’ve aggressively developed over time. In addition to incredible growth, both client and supplier retention is at an all-time high as a result of their service. “In addition to the strongest management team I have ever worked with, BROWZ’ global employee base is extremely strong with deep resumes and the experience necessary to localize support and help organizations address supply chain risk.”

Client feedback

“There are three themes that I hear most often from our clients, as they describe BROWZ. 1) They see BROWZ as a company that helps supply chains become safer, as we work with them on a day to day basis. 2) They see BROWZ as partners who can provide them with expertise on how to develop successful programs for ongoing supply chain management. And 3), they say that BROWZ provides them with assurance they’re working with safe, qualified, and socially responsible contractors and suppliers. That’s quite the compliment, that they would put that kind of trust in us. It’s a huge responsibility that we gladly accept. The other thing that I continually hear, in addition to having the industry’s best configurable solution, is that BROWZ employees are what makes the difference in the success of their programs. That they feel that the individuals at BROWZ have delivered on all commitments, and many will say that they feel that our employees are extensions of their teams. Our employees have deep resumes, with impressive technology, risk and safety pedigrees – but most important they have a commitment to service and an attitude for excellence. I’ve seen that first hand, we have an amazing organization and every employee demonstrates that in their interaction with our customers.”

Opportunities in 2016

Every organization will be exposed to risk at some point in the future. The challenge for these companies is to be proactive in addressing the risk. Unfortunately, too many organizations wait to invest in a supply chain qualification and contractor management solution after it’s too late. Organizations interested in protecting their brand, their value and the lives of those they employ need to make a commitment now. There are many elements to the risk that BROWZ helps companies address, but the one thing you can’t get back once it is gone is human life. That’s the BROWZ message, be proactive – BROWZ is the global partner who can help. You can learn more about BROWZ as well as contractor qualification and management at

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