Ones to Watch in IP 2016 – Germany

engel patentanwaltskanzlei (ep) are a highly renowned IP law firm, who work for creative and innovative people and enterprises in order to legally protect their intellectual performance results. We spoke to Christoph K. Engel, Patent Attorney, to find out how the firm consistently delivers results for their clients.

At engel patentanwaltskanzlei, we work for a highly diverse range of clients. Over the past few years, we have regularly achieved remarkable success in case constellations, where the IP of medium-sized companies had to be protected against the economic power of large corporations.

engel patentanwaltskanzlei specialise in the acquisition, defence and enforcement of industrial property rights, particularly patents, trademarks and design rights. Because of the firm’s network of multiple professional groups (patent attorneys, lawyers, engineers), we are not only able to provide targeted consultation and representation for our clients in the core areas of industrial property, but also in adjacent fields, such as copyright law, competition, or license law.

As a company immersed in the world of intellectual property, engel patentanwaltskanzlei believe that its value for businesses cannot be understated. These intangible assets are a major component for enterprises in the regional and global competition, and strategic decisions for protecting innovation performances are significant for the ongoing success of the enterprises. For our firm, it is also part of a valuable consultation to put these findings into practice for the clients we serve.

As such, expenditure for the protection of intellectual property needs to be adapted to the branch and specific position of the enterprise. Maximising the protection of IP therefore will not be achieved simply by an exceedingly high budget for the acquisition of property rights.

Particularly in medium-sized enterprises, it is rather important to identify the actually valuable development outcomes, and then to develop and realise a long-term strategy for its optimal protection. Investing too much money in protecting non-valuable ideas can in the long run be just as counterproductive as missing a timely acquisition of adequate property rights in order to protect the key competence.

Across the corporate landscape, the importance of the IP segment is being realised more and more on a daily basis. This leads to a considerably increased demand for well-educated consultants and staff. Unfortunately, it is often forgotten that a long-term education, as well as a wide range of experience is essential and that such expertise cannot be gained in a crash course.

Thus, engel patentanwaltskanzlei spends years training its staff, and junior staff are introduced to this difficult subject with caution and much effort. The experiences gained during the 20 years of engel patentanwaltskanzlei’s existence are passed on by close cooperation between experienced and young staff, and linked with the recent findings. In order to realise and monitor this strategy, a certified quality management system was implemented at engel patentanwaltskanzlei in 1999.

Although we are an incredibly experienced company, engel patentanwaltskanzlei are still learning new things every day and responding to the myriad changes occurring in our industry. From our perspective, the biggest challenge for the IP sector in the upcoming years is to respond to the increasing demands of the innovative industrial sectors with high-quality property rights.

The target should not only be an increase in the number of patent or trademark applications, but the quality of such needs has to be up held, too. That involves not only the leading international patent and trademark offices, but also the patent attorneys who represent their clients before these offices, too. Ultimately, engel patentanwaltskanzlei are confident that with our wealth of experience and expertise, we are well equipped to meet any challenges that meet us along the way.

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