Next Generation Private Banking

Founded in 2007, BRT is a dynamic and unique firm that specialises in providing middle and back office support to asset managers, hedge funds, private banks and family offices. Offering both outsourced and in house solutions, BRT enhances their clients’ businesses by adding real strength and depth to their operations. From offices in Geneva and London, BRT provide tailor made technological and operational services that help keep their clients one step ahead of their peers.

This multi-award winning firm specialises in both outsourced BPO as well as in-house, modular,
software solutions. This provides their clients with the ability to enhance their operational and reporting capabilities, save money and increase efficiency.

On the whole, BRT has traditionally had a strong focus on wealth management as it is the basis for nearly two thirds of their client base. Many of the firm’s staff come from wealth management backgrounds, or hold wealth management related qualifications.
Since consolidation of family HNW assets is BRT’s speciality, the firm are finding increasingly stronger appetite for their services in a market demanding comprehensive data.

As a result of BRT’s experience, they have become known for their resilience and determination for achieving results. However, clients can be susceptible to poor market change and conditions due to their nature as investment entities. As a result, during difficult times, BRT’s clients’ propensity to source external services reduces, as does their operational budget. Nonetheless, BRT’s strategies such as consolidated reporting, reconciliation, ad-hoc analysis and so on allow their customers to utilise the invaluable services they offer in order to strengthen their position.

Looking ahead, BRT have many new and exciting projects in the pipeline. This is mainly due to the fact that their natural desire to be innovative has been the catalyst for the firm’s most exciting enterprise to date: Fortress.

Fortress is BRT’s next generation private banking interface. It is designed for both individual and institutional investors in order to gain secure and mobile access to their portfolio data. BRT foresaw the need for multi-channel engagement, integrated with an easy to use interface without compromising key functionality or security. The firm’s unique system is controlled by their specialists and secured with the latest data security frameworks, yet fully white labelled, and customised with their clients’ livery and design to give a seamlessly homogenised experience.

Watch this space!

Company: BRT
Address: 4 Chemin des Vergers,
1208 Geneva, Switzerland
Phone: +41 22 592 54 55