Sky H2O Inc

Water shortage is a very real issue plaguing a multitude of countries, and most are starting to feel the effects now more than ever. However, SkyH2O has been tirelessly working to resolve the issue before it spirals out of control. Now heralded as the Best Atmospheric Water Generation Company 2023 – Worldwide, SkyH2O is leading the charge towards accumulating fresh water anytime, anywhere.

Based in California, SkyH2O is a company with innovation at its heart. With a sole focus on advancing and scaling Atmospheric Water Generation for industrial, commercial, and government applications, it’s able to supply renewable water in both sustainable and reliable ways. This is what SkyH2O describes as NetZeroWater, the ultimate in water sustainability, security, and resiliency. And, thanks to its triple impact nature, SkyH2O is able to have a continuous impact on not just profit, but on both the planet and the people occupying it.

With an estimated 3.2 billion people living with water stress, a figure that’s expected to increase to 5.5 billion by 2050, there’s never been more of a demand for sustainable water solutions that can help to rectify the issue. Thankfully, SkyH2O has already come leaps and bounds in working towards fixing the problem, and it all begins with its impressive strategies. SkyH2O combines up-stream (IP/Technology Products) with down-stream (Projects and Financing) to provide a vast array of communities with fresh water.

Its game-changing solution allows SkyH2O to deliver water, not only to struggling water districts, but to large commercial and industrial water users alike. Atmospheric Water Generation acts as a completely new water resource, proving more effective in a variety of locations than alternative systems, such as forward/reverse osmosis methods. In addition, it’s far more reliable, and has proven to uphold a more environmentally friendly approach towards gathering water.

Now renowned worldwide for creating the most effective Atmospheric Water Generation systems for some of the globe’s largest AWG projects that are centered on suppling fresh water, SkyH2O has truly mastered what it means to represent the pinnacle of change. Its systems are, simply put, ingenious, and allow for water collection anytime, from almost any location. Its smart technology plays a crucial role in making this happen – with its intelligent optimisation, it’s able to increase effectiveness exponentially. The result is a revolutionary solution to a globally recognised problem.

However, when it comes to specifics, we feel it necessary to dig a little deeper into SkyH2O’s patented SkyH2O STATIONs. Rolling out across America, starting with Houston Texas, SkyH2O STATIONs are what’s been dubbed as “micro watery”. These units have been carefully developed by SkyH20 to generate over 100,000 LPD in fresh healthy water, all whilst adhering to a B2B and B2C business model. This innovative, project based global strategy will utilise air to forge water, and will eventually be readily available throughout the rest of the world.

Delving further into the smaller details about SkyH2O STATIONs, we learned some fascinating facts about its inner workings. Not only is it able to produce between 100,000 to 200,000 litres of water per day, as previously mentioned, but it’s built upon SkyH2O’s own intuitive technology, the AWG Maximus 4260 System. Despite currently being at the initial rollout stage, SkyH2O has huge ambitions for its SkyH2O STATIONs, as it’s thanks to these projects that premium drinking water will be accessible at the most competitive prices that the market has seen.

In addition to promising an incredible shift in the affordability of fresh water, SkyH2O also has its sights set on utilising its SkyH2O STATIONs for charitable purposes. This is perfectly demonstrated through its aim to deliver clean, reliable water outlets to local authorities and residents during natural catastrophes. It recognises the need for a drastic shift in how those in need receive water, and it’s this selfless attitude that truly sets SkyH2O apart. Its culmination of technology and passion makes for an astounding strategy that’s sure to herald results in the years ahead.

SkyH2O exists to prove what can be done if there’s enough drive behind a company to do it. Though the challenge of delivering a more sustainable solution to the worldwide water shortage problem is monumental, this has not once swayed SkyH2O towards defeat. Instead, it’s taken these hurdles and viewed them as an opportunity to thrive, as opposed to a roadblock. It’s a brilliant demonstration of how hard work, dedication, and an unrelenting desire to spearhead change can create a global impact that’s bound to alter millions of lives for the better.

It’s clear that Atmospheric Water Generation is the future of producing water, and by utilising the air around us, we may just be able to create a complete shift in the way we deliver water to those who need it the most. SkyH2O has long since recognised the potential that AWG holds, and has applied itself in every vein possible to concoct results that aren’t just built on amassing profit, but delivering tangible solutions that are set to last well into the future. There doesn’t have to be a shortage of water for a multitude of countries, and SkyH2O has taken on the task of eliminating these issues before they can grow beyond our control.

We’re very proud to present SkyH2O with the title of the Best Atmospheric Water Generation Company 2023 – Worldwide. The impact that it’s having is nothing short of exemplary, and we’re beyond eager to see how its ingenious systems open the pathway for water accessibility on a scale that we’ve yet to witness in our lifetime.

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