iKomet Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

When it comes to offering simplified software services, iKomet Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd is gradually and consistently making a mark. Helping clients for past 5 years, this innovative company makes a point of being able to create bespoke and niche yet simple solutions. With an attitude of achieving high standards, join us as we take a closer look at what makes this company One to Watch in India.

Focused on helping enterprises to ride the digital wave whilst delivering business outcomes that matter, iKomet is perfectly equipped to handle any challenge put its way. Currently amongst the fastest growing IT companies in the world, this innovator provides solutions with agile methodologies to small, mid and enterprise clients.

With the attitude of initiate, innovate and integrate, every solution is carefully crafted to suit client needs and wants. Keeping it simple, even when it might not seem to be the case, iKomet provides solutions across several areas in its role as a next generation global IT solution provider.

iKomet specializes in the implementation of enterprise web applications, portals and systems, as well as mobile solutions. Has gained an impressive reputation during the last 5 years, working for banking, healthcare, automobile and insurance groups, as well as government agencies. In order to keep up to date with changing industry times, iKomet also provide services for corporations to set up in India, using Build Operate Transfer services.

Currently, the team at iKomet are working on an entirely new product, which answers a need in the world of publishing and is an AI/ML web-based app for automating the manual editing of STM articles by publishers across the globe. The first of its kind in the industry, the team at iKomet hope that it will help technical and language editors to work anywhere and at any time, able to seamlessly manage the various processes with different stakeholders.

Success for iKomet has come from the company’s approach to clients. This is based primarily on a full stack mindset, allowing for flexibility and growth within the staff. This aspect of the company’s culture has played a key role in its accomplishments so far and has impressed clients with the ability to draw together multiple features to create one seamless solution. This “can do” attitude, along with the company’s cultural drivers of passion, patience and persistence motivate all staff to do the absolute best that they can.

iKomet caters to a broad spectrum of clients in various industries, ranging from healthcare groups to legal firms to the automotive industry. The majority are large corporations across North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific regions. This success is a credit to the strong sales team which reaches out through an effective and consistent process that includes follow-ups and scores on customer satisfaction throughout the journey.

Future plans for this innovator include the extension of niche services in the analytics, AI and ML, with its exciting development for the publishing world already mentioned. A challenge that the company will face moving forward is that the time of offshoring work is fading away, and it will have to clearly differentiate itself from the many companies with an end to end solution – offering niches services where iKomet can leverage with its experience using cutting edge technologies.

iKomet has built its business success on building solutions. These solutions are innovative, practical and appealing. Agile enough to adapt while maintaining an independent eye on what sets the company apart, iKomet has grown up quickly in the last few years. Keeping that growth on track will depend on finding new solutions to new problems, which is what iKomet happens to be best at.

Company: iKomet Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd
Contact: Ganesh Swaminathan
Web Address: www.ikomet.com