Most Trusted for High-Value Transactions in the Caribbean

Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino is well renowned law firm, comprised of highly skilled international attorneys involved with tax, financing, real property and wealth management. Widely accepted as one of the top boutique law firms among the world in the field of international wealth management for high net worth international private clients, they reveal why they are the law firm of choice for high value transactions in the region.

At Emmanuel Jacques Amosnino, the firm takes tremendous pride in its one-of-a-kind service and skills. Through this wealth of experience and expertise, the firm is able to achieve a rare legal concierge oriented practice that caters to the unique needs of international private clients and their legal and financial representatives.

With a highly diverse range of legal services, the attorneys at the Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino law firm also take great pride in establishing long-lasting relationships with clients and their representatives, and maintaining a work ethic that consists of going above and beyond the usual scope of work to ensure their clients’ needs are met.

As a result of their continued success and strong track record, the firm’s clientele includes major international financial institutions and law firms throughout the world. This primarily consists of clients from Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Moscow and especially from areas of the US such as New York city, Boston, Washington, and Miami. Such institutions understand that the personalised service and advice, which the Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino law firm provides, brings great value to the transactions the firm handles on their behalf and the resolution of many complex situations.

With a team of dedicated and experienced multilingual professionals, the law firm of Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino is widely accepted as the leading law firm in Saint Barth and one of the top boutique law firms among the world in the field of international wealth management for high net worth international private clients.

A true testament of their expertise can be found in the continued success of its manager partner and founder: Emmanuel Jacques Amosnino. He grew up in Paris, where he attended private school and graduated with a baccalaureate of sciences and mathematics. Thereafter, Mr. Jacques attended Paris University of Law and graduated at the age of 23, becoming the youngest attorney in France. Following his graduation, Mr. Jacques was named Director of the Cabinet of the CEO at the Paris Chamber of Commerce, overseeing 2,500 employees. In 1992, in fulfilment of his military obligation, Mr. Jacques resigned from his cabinet post and served as a civil soldier in Mexico, where he helped French companies settle into the region. Upon completion of his military obligation in 1993, Mr. Jacques returned to France, resuming his legal career as a junior partner at a Paris law firm. By 1995, at the age of 27, Mr. Jacques established his own practice in Paris, and was later named Of Counsel for a U.S. firm based in Paris’s Avenue Montaigne.

Recognising that every action has the potential for global financial repercussions, Mr. Jacques is one of a select few attorneys who is well versed in international finance, international relations, and management. Indeed, Mr. Jacques studied Management at the HEC Paris, the highest-ranked business school in Europe; received his diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy at CEDS; and earned his Master’s degree in Corporate Finance. It is this unique combination of legal practice and corporate financial knowledge that has distinguished Mr. Jacques as a truly exceptional talent in international legal advocacy.

Additionally, during his time in Paris, Mr. Jacques taught at the Paris University of Law and was named Vice- President of the parent organisation of the 112 French Chambers of Commerce abroad as well as Special Advisor of the French government for trade with Nordic countries.

For more than 20 years, the Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino law firm has effectively performed negotiations, structuring, and financing of a wide range of high value assets. The firm has successfully negotiated the purchase of properties valued at $60 million; represented American private equity companies in transactions involving five-star hotels in Saint Barths; and successfully handled the negotiation of financing up to $40 million, of commercial leases in the most famous areas of Paris and the acquisition of luxury real estate not only in Saint Barths, but also in Paris and another famous locations of France.

Ultimately, the breadth of experience and expertise at Emmanuel Jacques Amosnino is what makes them a truly unique firm in their region, and is something they endeavour to build upon as they continue to grow and develop in the future.

Name: Emmanuel Jacques Amosnino


Address: 3 rue Lafayette
Gustavia – BP 656
97099 Saint-Barthélemy
French West Indies
Phone: + 590 590 29 71 10