Innovative Law Firm of 2016 – Canada

Founded in 2002 by Marcel Banasinski, Banasinski & Associates o/a Dad Law is dedicated to helping men overcome the challenges they encounter in family law and divorce matters. Men often feel they are fighting a losing battle during the divorce process, and this does not need to be the case as Banasinski & Associates o/a Dad Law fights to ensure every client obtains a fair and reasonable outcome, and one that they can feel comfortable with.

Banasinski & Associates o/a Dad Law is known worldwide for its pioneering and innovative approach in protecting the rights of men and fathers in divorce and family law in Canada. We are constantly evolving and adapting to the changing roles men and fathers face in family law, and it is this experience in specifically representing men and fathers that has set us apart from other family law firms.

In our view, the ability and willingness to innovate is crucial and essential to distinguish ourselves from other law firms and to thrive in today’s very competitive world wide legal marketplace. Our lawyers and support staff strive to be at the forefront of legal developments with respect to protecting the rights of men and fathers in the changing legal landscape. They are proactive in dealing with clients and their issues in a timely and constructive manner. At Banasinski & Associates o/a Dad Law we are committed and dedicated to providing our clients with the best legal services for a reasonable and competitive price.

As a result of this philosophy, we are a pioneer in Canada in providing legal services to family law clients in offices located in several cities. Each office is remotely connected to the head office which allows for the centralization and optimization of the data and direct access to the client and accounting files from each office. Moreover, we use cutting-edge technology to provide legal services to clients throughout the world in a reliable and efficient manner.

Generally speaking, the separation process in a family law context can be extremely stressful, particularly at the outset. For individuals contemplating a separation or undergoing a separation, it is only normal to feel overwhelmed by the process and the lingering unanswered questions.

Men and fathers involved in the separation process, whether at the outset, in the middle, or towards the end, and whether in a court action or engaged in out-of-court negotiations, should retain a family law firm that specialises in the unique issues and circumstances facing them. Banasinski & Associates o/a Dad Law is such a law firm. At Banasinski & Associates o/a Dad Law we understand that during this emotional and complicated time, men often feel confronted by insurmountable obstacles. The firm works hard to help men navigate these emotional and complex issues and provides the practical legal advice needed to move through the process and emerge selfassured on the other side.

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