Most Innovative Law Firm 2016

Faber & Allin Inc. is a general legal practice with a specialist focus on litigation. Over the years, the firm has diversified its areas of practice to include intellectual property Law, as well as corporate and commercial law. We spoke to Eureka Zandberg, Director at Faber & Allin Inc, to find out more about their firm and get their insight into the ever evolving legal landscape.

In the modern legal environment, innovation is crucial for growth and adapting to a rapidly changing business environment and marketplace. Recent years have seen dramatic changes to the legal services industry across the globe, and the need for law firms to improve their efficiency is fundamental in challenging the increased trend of insourcing, as well as outsourced offerings of multidisciplinary teams.
While working in this highly competitive arena, we believe that there are a number of aspects which help differentiate us from our peers. Strong leadership, focused on multi-level staff involvement and client satisfaction, is what drives Faber & Allin Inc. We are committed to provide new services and to implement new models of service delivery by driving efficiency through technology.

More specifically, the firm successfully implemented its ‘digital strategy’ in its move to a paperless and green office. Its Digital Document Management and Filing project not only created new employment opportunities within the firm at entry level, but also, more importantly, resulted in increased productivity across all staff levels and long-term savings in the cost of doing business. The resulting savings and increased productivity has enabled growth for the firm, facilitated successful diversification of practise areas and enabled the firm to appoint a new senior associate to the staff complement.

As with any industry in the modern era, clients require high levels of service without the high cost, particularly as clients today are
increasingly knowledgeable and cost-conscious. Embracing change and adapting creates opportunities, and the legal profession is no longer an exception to the rule. As such, Faber & Allin Inc. is committed to driving client focus and satisfaction, not to become complacent in its service offerings but to embrace the evolution of and competition in doing business in the 21st century, with courage.

In terms of our clients, we serve a diverse client base, ranging from individual and corporate to commercial clients. Our clients are predominantly referral-based (word-of-mouth), and our client base has increased through networking strategies utilised to promote business-partnering support both within the industry, as well as within associated industries. Additionally, Faber & Allin invests in value-add brand building and supports community-driven initiatives.

As for our ethos, we firmly believe that our success has been predominantly a team effort. Every staff member of the firm is instrumental to the success of the firm and we support a culture of staff involvement and development. As Nixon Peabody’s Harry Trueheart once said, “Better job satisfaction means better client satisfaction … and all employees must be well-served to serve your clients the very best.” On the whole, our staff are proud to be a part of the firm and we strive to be a ‘best place to work’.

Looking ahead, we are confident that we will continue to be at the forefront of our industry. A big challenge for the legal industry remains in emerging technologies in law firms. With this in mind, firms who do not integrate the many facets of technology across their practices could face an inability to keep pace with emerging developments resulting in ever-increasing costs associated with its delayed implementation.

Moreover, demand in business practices is also moving the legal industry towards a fixed-cost module versus the traditional ‘billable hours’, and law firms are required to be more flexible in their business approach by doing more for less through improved service delivery and productivity.

Faber & Allin Inc. is excited about both the opportunities and the challenges ahead and we look forward to sustained growth through continuous innovation.

Company: Faber & Allin Inc.
Name: Eureka Zandberg (formerly Allin)
Address: Block 1, First Floor,
3 Anerley Road, Parktown,
Johannesburg, South Africa.
Telephone: 27 11 0259440