Most Innovative Law Firm of 2016, Germany

Wülfing Zeuner Rechel is a specialist law firm based in Hamburg with more than 130 employees, of which more than 80 are lawyers, tax consultants and financial auditors. The firm is a global presence, spanning 12 cities, six countries and three continents. Alongside our offices in Germany, Switzerland, Brazil and China, WZR operates own offices in Tehran (where we are the first German law firm) and Dubai. The latter offices highlight the firm’s focus on the MENA region. WZR has also founded the consulting skills network GERMELA, which focuses on the MENA region and brings leading law firms, consultants and think-tanks of the region together. On the whole, the GERMELA network comprises of more than 500 accredited lawyers and consultants. In an ever more globalized world, the pockets for real entrepreneurship become smaller and smaller. This is also true for the legal sector.

Therefore, it’s more crucial than ever to be innovative and look out for arising opportunities on the global stage. Being a step ahead of your competitors requires you sometimes to think outside the box as well – as we have proven with the opening of our Tehran office. While more and more international law firms are turning their eyes on Iran after the lifting of the sanctions now, we are already present there since over a year. Therefore as a medium-sized law firm competing with both international law firms with local offices and small, highly localized and specialized law firms, it is of tremendous importance for us to follow a cutting edge approach. Constantly striving to be a step ahead of our competitors, we aim to identify innovative business opportunities all over the world.

As such we take an innovative approach to client services, utilising our focus on emerging markets to offer clients a service they cannot find elsewhere. We offer our clients full-range legal supervision and have a special focus on corporate and tax law. Most of our clients are companies from the so called German Mittelstand. Our clients are mostly drawn to us by their interest to invest in emerging markets. Hence, they come from various sectors including the health sector, the automotive industry and the F&B sector. Prominent mandates include the Uniklinik Eppendorf, the legal supervision during the OHE Mining acquisition by Huahai, and the legal representation of the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Germany.

Whether our clients wish to identify best-practices for a market entry, a tax-optimized setup, on- and offshore incorporations, or the establishment of a distribution structure: we find custom-fit solutions for their challenges. Ultimately our highly skilled and motivated staff is the foundation for our success. Around a third of our employees have roots outside Germany. This diversity creates an open working environment that enables us to identify risks and chances for our business in a much more holistic way and prepares the business ideally for the challenges of an increasingly globalized world. Looking ahead, the most pressing challenge for us over the next twelve months will be to further develop our presences with WZR and GERMELA in Dubai, Tehran and Beijing. Especially in Iran, it will be of vital importance to enable possible clients to take the manifold opportunities that arise in the exciting business environment of post-sanctions Iran.

Company: Wülfing Zeuner
Rechel Partnerschaft
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