USA Staffing Services, LLC

Simplifying Processes and Increasing Efficiency

USA Staffing Services, LLC is a back office operational partner specifically designed to help Recruitment Firms to start-up and run their Temporary Staffing Division. Recently, we caught up with Founder, Matthew Kolinski who provided us with a glimpse into one of the Nation’s Best full-service back office staffing solutions firms in Florida for 2019.

Established in 2010, USA Staffing Services offers a broad range of complete services including payroll funding, payroll processing, workers compensation solutions and Accounts Receivable management, which allows the entrepreneur who owns a permanent placement firm to offer full-service recruiting and staffing to their existing clients, referred to by the firm as ‘Authorized Dealers’.

Most of our Authorized Dealers are executive search or permanent placement recruitment firms with existing customers and a pool of existing candidates. Their desire to start-up a Contract Staffing division typically starts with their desire to provide a complete recruitment service to their customers and limiting any reason for their customer to utilize another firm. It has been shown over and over that if a Permanent Placement firm turns down a Contractto-Perm or Contract position then their customer will reduce the amount they will use them in the future. as Matthew explains.

“At USA Staffing Services, our clients realize the heavy cost and risk associated with starting up this type of division. As a result, they join the Authorized Dealer Program and outsource the financial risk, workers compensation risk and of course the headaches associated with running payroll and HR compliance. We packaged all staffingrelated back-office services and wrapped them into an easy-to-use platform called the Authorized Dealer Network.

Working exclusively with Owners of Permanent Placement firms looking to start-up a temporary staffing division within the states, USA Staffing Services consider themselves a true operational partner for recruiting companies in all areas of staffing and an advocate of a diversified revenue stream to allow entrepreneurs the ability to safely grow their recruitment company.

Today, the firm is approved to operate in all 50 states and works with firms who are looking to place at least one temporary worker in the field. “We are a turn-key operation designed for entrepreneurs in the recruitment space. They bring the customer and candidate and we handle the rest” says Matthew. Having accumulated countless clients and an impressive portfolio of work, which is supported by the numerous awards the firm have received over the years, Matthew reveals what he believes are the secrets behind USA Staffing Services’ remarkable success.

“Since our inception, our success has primarily come from the team that works out of the Tampa office. We each complement each other and it is truly a blessing to be surrounded by wonderful talent. In addition to this, the team allows me to focus on finding new and improved solutions for our Authorized Dealers. By continually innovating, we stay ahead of issues or concerns within the staffing industry to ensure a smooth transition for all of our Authorized Dealers.”

Speaking of the team, the experienced, dynamic and committed group of individuals work in a collaborative approach to deliver an exceptional service for their clients. The hard-working group provides the compliance, due diligence and risk management associated with running a staffing company. Above all, they provide essentially a fully Outsource Staffing Operations Department to the firm’s Authorized Dealers, offering them the opportunity and support to make more profit with less risk.

In today’s market, the employment rate within the US remains low, and there are more unfilled jobs than there are workers. Reflecting on the challenges the firm faces going forward, Matthew explains how providing personalized services, such as the ones USA Staffing Services offers, are vital in helping to tackle this issue the industry currently faces.

“Personally, I believe staffing services is an important aspect of the economy and it will be vital to helping End-User Customers achieve their level of success in a tight employment market. Instead of competing on salary for the best talent, End-User Customers are able to use flexibility and project-based assignments to contain costs while attracting the best talent in the market.

“Lastly, I believe that permanent placement opportunities will decrease, and so it is vitally important that firms diversify their sales and grow a contract staffing division as part of their revenue goals for 2020 and beyond with an ultimate goal of creating enough cash flow to limit the risk of a decrease in permanent placement utilization in the foreseeable future.”

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