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Maria Lourdes Rodriguez, Esq. started Rodriguez Law Firm in 2005 after she realised the lack of trustworthy immigration lawyer advice in the Colorado region. Maria Rodriguez set effective standards to help the underprivileged and unprotected immigrant community who look to the United States for an opportunity of the American Dream. “For many of our clients, the United States means survival for oneself and for their family” Maria Lourdes Rodriguez comments.

Rodriguez Law Firm was founded in 2005 to serve and protect the rights of immigrants and help professionals abroad make new homes in the United States. Throughout the years they have represented corporations and individuals alike in their immigration needs with a high rate of success. We spoke to them to get their insight and views on the highly complicated world of immigration law.

We are dynamic, we are force for good, and we are assertive, creative and adaptive in meeting our client’s needs. We relish achieving success when other immigration practitioners have dismissed cases as being impossible.

Our unparalleled success rate – demonstrated in the complicated and highly technical legal specialty that is immigration law – manifests our skill and experience in employment-based immigrant visas, as well as in obtaining waivers of inadmissibility in extremely difficult cases. We also obtain unequalled results in family-based petitions, removal defense, employment based immigrant visas, by finding the best immigration alternatives for each and every case. Humanitarian and asylum practice are special areas of success, we are able to handle any other immigration matter, regardless if its complexity.

Immigration law is greatly influenced by politics, and that is why we take an activist approach. The greatest challenge is that immigration policy is antiquated, and not in pace with the United States; a land of immigrants, and the most ethnically diverse country in the world. In addition, changes in immigration law are almost non-existent in a highly hierarchical and bureaucratic government, uninterested in structural procedures and standards.

Because of stricter and ever changing immigration case law and policy, we continually train our staff and attorneys, and educate them through conferences and seminars, assisting them to find the best strategies, and the most efficient methods so that our services are also affordable. It is essential for us to follow trends in immigration demographics that would enable us to shape our services to meet client’s needs. We believe that global immigration is essential to the growth and prosperity of every country – including the United States: This is the bedrock of our professional philosophy. The electoral year of 2016, as we predicted, will stimulate controversy and needed discussion of immigration policy. Immigration issues will play a critical part in deciding who will become President of the United States in 2017. We are optimistic and believe that the United States Supreme Court will affirm the 2014 Executive Action of President Obama, thereby removing the impasse to immigration reform.

We are a force in building momentum for change in immigration law and policy that would create a more humane society, and recognize the inherent human rights of immigrants. Additionally, our unique ability of having been exposed to different business cultures, here and abroad afford us the ability to extend and fortify those bridges for the full benefit of our corporate clients in accessing the best and brightest human talent to fit their business needs. We strive to create diversity within our community. We take on the challenges of real life issues and develop strategies that work. We strongly believe that our expertise, dedication, and discipline, is what has made us leaders within our immigration community. Our goal is not simply to defend through litigation, it’s to educate our people, our neighbors, and our society in the social movement that is immigration.

Capability is our hallmark. As immigrants ourselves, we value the trust placed on us by our clients, and the critical importance of the ethical practice of law, as well as the importance of following case status and deadlines in tracking the progress of a case through successful resolution. We provide both private and corporate clients with up-to-date information on changes in the law that could affect them negatively; or, in the alternative, provide unexpected advantages to our clients. The quality of service we provide is only possible because of our depth of experience and comprehensive knowledge of substantive immigration law and international law.

Investment and immigration law are two very different fields and although they may not seem to coexist, they do. Immigration is an investment into quality of life, and people are the most important investment of any Corporation. Our expertise is of paramount importance in the area of employment-based immigration where the dangers of non-compliance can be catastrophic. Our employment-based clients value the advice and assistance we provide for them to ensure positive results, and be in compliance with Federal immigration laws.

We are very optimistic about the future of our firm, and welcome challenges as they present us with opportunities for growth and success. We presently are expanding our services to include professional visas for nurses and medical personnel, including professionals in the oil and gas industry at all levels. Of particular mention, we are very excited to develop a sophisticated one-of-a-kind match-making program that will revolutionize the fiancée visa program forever. At the core of everything that we have planned is community outreach through education and supporting social movements. We strongly believe that investing in education is investing in a better future for our new citizens. Excellence is our goal. We ensure that our clients obtain the best outcome and receive real value for their investments of time, money and trust. Excellence is achieved every day. We never rest. Professionalism is what we stand for. Professionals is who we are.

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