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The use of IT solutions within the business world is nothing new, but the blockchain offers a wealth of opportunity that many businesses have not even begun to consider. Advising firms on how to take advantage of this new system are the team from DynaQuest. In Acquisition International’s 2022 Global Excellence Awards, DynaQuest was named Best Emerging Markets Blockchain Solutions Provider 2022 – Philippines. We dig a little deeper into the depths of their incredible success.

Established in 2013, DynaQuest quickly made a name for itself as a leading Business Process Outsourcing and I.T. Solutions provider. As technology has become a vital part of the way we live, this team has developed numerous strategic solutions designed specifically to meet the needs  of individual organisations. Whilst many of these developments are designed to disrupt industry, the work of DynaQuest ensues that the workforce at large can be carefully integrated into new and innovative systems.

For nearly ten years now, the founding principles of DynaQuest as an agile firm with a receptive response to technological innovation has put it at the forefront of the industry. No matter what the challenges of the time or the climate, the team are more than capable of meeting the needs of the moment. Their approach has allowed them to seek out new ways of working in new sectors, innovating quickly as a business to discover and take advantage of the various niches that present themselves.

As such, it is little surprise that emerging technologies such as the Blockchain form the centrepiece of the team’s work. Perhaps the most impressive achievement for the team is their hard-won title in Acquisition International. It’s a credit to the team’s exceptional drive and motivation. The Blockchain was a niche concept when DynaQuest was founded in 2013, but now the team has grown into one of the largest Blockchain solutions provider and is internationally recognised around the world.

Working in this field has opened the door for the DynaQuest team to work closely with clients from a variety of industries and territories, ranging across North America all the way to the Asia Pacific. healthcare providers, insurance carriers and private groups all depend on the skill and agility of the DynaQuest team to deliver the best possible results and guidance for their operations with regards to IT and development. As the team work across multiple fronts, they are able to offer a deep dive approach to each client. Working as partners, the team make it their personal business to understand the specific nature of a firm and what it needs to thrive allowing for their enterprise-strength, current needs, and future trajectory.

No two companies are the same, and as such, this bespoke approach is vital to securing success. While the DynaQuest team can anticipate market changes, technological trends, and their competition, it’s the depth of engagement that sets the firm apart. They build their store of knowledge of their clients from high-level discussion points all the way through to technical and resource procurement. Long-term partnerships are part and parcel of what the incredible DynaQuest team have to offer.

Gaining a foothold in this industry has not been an easy task, with the middle and late 2010s being a period of transition from employed technology to emerging solutions. As a business just getting started in this period, the two options were either to settle and refine their market niche or take a risk and explore possible frontier markets that holds plentiful opportunities. It’s clear that the latter path was taken, with incredible results. Through working in this field, the team have identified the unique epoch stretch in which all enterprises are faced with a conundrum, namely the migration to technologies such as Blockchain. Investment has been crucial to getting ahead of the game and the team have developed deep resources of knowledge and market studies to understand more effectively the direction of travel on behalf of their clients.

To match the bold approach of the business, the culture behind DynaQuest is one which is open, positive, and dynamic. When inidivuals turn to this organisations, they do so because they are passionate about deepening their knowledge and credentials with technology and their self-springing initiatives taken during their career. More than work drones, the culture of DynaQuest sees its employees as future solutions engineers and contributors.

Over the years, the company has invested in skill development, certification attainment, and application of knowledge, sponsoring various teams on hackathons, online certification, and tests as well as fully-paid trips to local and international conventions. Their employees are always looking for the brightest and best that the technology sector has to offer, in order to offer such services to their clients. It’s this attitude of growth and adaptation that allowed DynaQuest to transform into the award-winning Blockchain solutions provider that it is today. Now, a little under ten years since the company’s inception, the team are able to work with projects basing on guiding enterprises to Blockchain transformation.

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic changed everyone’s working lives, and the ability of the team to adapt and thrive was put to the test. The structure of DynaQuest has always revolved around workgroups, and this localised structure was key to continuing work during these difficult times. Those groups founded on flexibility and agility in response to changes were the ones which continued to produce exceptional results. As a result of the change forced on the team by outside circumstances, DynaQuest has become a business accustomed to flexible working with distant and remote workgroups across time zones and territories. This has been key to their business continuity.

Looking ahead, the future seems birhgt with the economy slowly recovering and society returning slowly to normal. The team plans to continue its impressive record of innovation with Blockchain technology. The use of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDCs) seems more important than ever to the enterprise, SME and financial services sector and there are tremendous opportunities to be had. The team are also looking at developing applications and solutions in Blockchain centred around Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) and its market potential for more hyper-personalized services for healthcare and insurance as well as its potential for inclusive development to underserved communities.

The success of DynaQuest comes from the team’s impressive ability to push the boundaries of what companies need. Their impressive attitude has been key to ensuring success for their clients. Through an agile and competitive way of working, they have been able to thrive during even the most difficult of times. We celebrate their success now, and look forward to what they achieve in the future.

For business enquiries, contact Randy Knutson from DynaQuest via email – rknutson@dqtsi.com or on their website – https://dqtsi.com/

Randy Knutson
Randy Knutson