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Mastech Digital is a digital technologies company providing IT staffing and project services. Over the years, they have mastered the art of finding the best IT talent for the varied needs of corporations in the United States, across most industries. In a compelling interview with the firm’s President and CEO Vivek Gupta, he reveals the staffing services they offer across the SMAC stack, automation, Internet-of-Things, as well as all kinds of mainstream technologies ranging from legacy to contemporary skill sets. They also have additional capabilities in executing projects in digital transformation areas such as, SAP HANA and Digital Learning Services.

Can you tell us how your vital products and services allow your customers to continue succeeding and to what extent is your own continued success?

Our ability to provide hard-to-find IT staff to our customers, in a timely manner, enables them to gain higher operational efficiencies in running their IT organisations. Our cost-effective solutions certainly have a direct and positive impact on their profitability. Digital skills in today’s world are in high demand – and our ability to staff the digital workforce allows the customers to gain a competitive edge.
When it comes to Mastech Digital’s stack of digital transformation services, our global delivery model and proprietary tool sets ensure reduction in their total cost of ownership, giving clients higher returns in their enterprise IT investments.

To what extent do you think that our society is dominated by technology?

It would perhaps be more appropriate to say that our society is permeated by technology. With its ubiquity and rapid advancements, technology has become a resource that we cannot live without. However – the empirical goal of technology has always remained the same – to simplify life and make it efficient and easy.

This applies to communication, travel, healthcare, food, leisure or shopping. Technology has ensured our experiences get better by the day and yet it is amazing to see its scope increase exponentially.

To what extent do innovative advancements in technology and automation make businesses across the world seek to streamline their operations to reduce financial outlay and increase revenue?

In business, the role of technology has rapidly changed over the years. From being a business enabler, it has become an essential differentiator for companies to gain competitive advantage. The last few years have been particularly interesting. Trends have been around the increased adoption of digital technologies and in a broader sense, indeed we are seeing convergence of various technologies.

This hyper-connectivity is making businesses smarter and more competitive than they were previously. Automation has resulted in the redefinition of jobs, as well as creating new ones, while the SMAC stack and Internet-of-things have both given rise to new business models and a new breed of a digital workforce. Corporations that are leveraging these trends are proving to do well both in terms of gaining market share, something that enhances customer satisfaction, as well as increasing their internal operational efficiencies.

How do you ensure that your firm stands out from the competition?

Mastech Digital’s standing as a reputable IT staffing firm in the US is a result of the long-standing relationships we have and also the successful engagements with several leading corporations.

We are one of the very few IT staffing firms that is minority owned and publicly listed. Importantly, we specialise in finding ‘purple squirrels’ – those rare IT skill sets and combinations that are so hard to find.

Our global delivery model in sourcing talent, allows us to reduce the turnaround time in staffing any kind of digital and IT skill set.

What challenges and opportunities lie ahead for your firm in the future?
We believe that Mastech Digital’s journey on the path of digital transformation is filled with opportunities – to deliver impactful services, including and beyond staffing – to our US-based customers. Opportunities to build IP-led digital solutions that can solve business challenges of today and tomorrow are what we aim for.

These are indeed great times in be in, when the world is going down the digital path and our customers are embracing digital innovations as an important lever for growth. We take this as a challenge to ensure we retain our reputation as a go-to company for staffing rare skill sets, even for digital staffing.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
While transformation today is digital, innovation still remains human. Mastech Digital’s strengths in IT staffing, combined with our focus on digital technologies makes us the ideal partner for any company that has embarked on its digital transformation journey.

Company: Mastech Digital
Name: Vivek Gupta,
President and CEO