(M&A), private equity, corporate governance, commercial litigation and restructuring matters. We handle the most complex and challenging transactions and litigation for our clients. The current economic climate in France is not very good, but some industries are doing very well including the media and high-tech sectors, but unfortunately the political actions necessary to bring France back on track have not yet been taken.

Concerning the future, many companies including those in the retail industries and the mass market – who have been hugely affected since the financial crisis of 2008- are now reaching the limit of their resilience to the challenges in the economy, so we should therefore see an increase in distressed mergers and acquisitions practices over the next few months and years.

Also, we see that many sectors are booming, such as the med-tech, bio-tech and high-tech sectors and private equity firms certainly have a lot of cash now. We are seeing that the private equity firms will fight to get the best companies and the valuation will get higher and higher in this market here.

We always handle out client’s transactions with the following principles in mind, firstly understanding the client business, technical excellence and also working in and under international standards. Always being available for clients, exceeding their expectations and maintaining the highest standards are important for MSA Law.

2015 has been a tremendous year for MSA Law. For example, we have advised on a €70 million deal, and the creation of one of the first automotive expertise group which has implied the mergers of 14 companies in the south of France. We have also advised a major French company in its joint-venture with an American company.

We try to bring the transaction to closing every time it is in the interests of our clients. We give our clients the expertise of a large law firm and they have the advantages of a boutique firm in terms of efficiency and flexibility. Finally, we will continue to work hard to deliver the best possible value services for our clients.

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