Business tech

Business and technology go hand in hand nowadays. From large international enterprises to small local businesses, technology has infiltrated just about every aspect of the business world. As consumers become more reliant on their devices to carry out their day-to-day tasks and we become even more connected, the relationship between business and technology will continue to evolve.

Technology has completely transformed the business world in recent years ago. It’s not that long ago that social media was free of advertising, employees punched cards to clock in and consumers were still nervous about buying online. The incredible growth of technology in the last decade or so has allowed many businesses to operate more efficiently than ever before, improve the customer experience, manage their staff with greater ease and offer a new and exciting customer experience.

Let’s take a look at how the technology has impacted business practices and will continue to reshape the business landscape.


Staff Management

Modern technology has had a huge impact on staff management procedures. While in the past, employee records would be kept in paper files, stored in rooms crowded with filing cabinets, nowadays specific staff management and scheduling software are used to keep track of employees. Try a free time clock app to see how effective these solutions can be for streamlining your staff management processes.


Operational Costs

In years gone by, establishing a company was an expensive venture that required you to lease a commercial space, fit out the space, hire staff and buy all the equipment you needed to operate before you ever thought bout advertising, suppliers or any other business costs. With the advent of e-commerce, many business owners have been able to eliminate virtually all of these costs.

For those companies still operating with heavy overheads, technology and business software can help to automate many tasks that otherwise would need to be handled by additional in-house staff or an expensive third-party provider. Tasks such as payroll, accounting, social media management, logistics and even customer communications can all be automated using technology to streamline your business processes.


Information Security

As mentioned above, employee records, along with financial, client, and operational records were typically stored in filing cabinet filled back rooms in offices around the world. While a locked door would keep prying eyes out, it didn’t help if there was a flood, fire or natural disaster that could destroy all of your business records in an instant. With cloud-based storage, business owners can now ensure that their important business records are always kept safe and secure. Using this technology business owners can also access important data from anywhere in the world, 24/7 instead of having to physically visit the business premises.


Better Communications

Effective communication has been at the core of successful businesses since the dawn of the capitalist world. While phone, fax and mail were the chosen mediums in the past, they were certainly with limitations. Nowadays, live video conferencing with clients on the other side of the world is possible with the swipe of a finger. You can transfer documents to clients in a few seconds and you can track every aspect of the supply chain with meticulous detail from one end to the next. Technology has connected the world in a way that many people never imagined possible and that influence has been embraced in the business world.


As Technology Continues To Evolve So Too Will The Business Landscape

Technology has already changed so much about how we do business. As technology continues to evolve over the coming years, we can expect tech to have even more of an impact on how businesses operate from day-to-day, as well as influencing consumer behaviours and buying trends. Where it will end, who knows, but where the direction tech and business are headed together is definitely exciting.