The Desire to Acquire & The Urge to Merge

de Marcellus & Disser specialises in IP law and assisting companies involved in IP law surrounding M&A activity.

Founded in 2011, de Marcellus & Disser is a France based legal firm with a focus on intellectual property law.

The protection and defence of intangible assets have become a critical issue for most companies that need to be counselled by specialists at all stages of their evolution.

With their experience in this field, the firm’s associates accompany their French and international customers to help them acquire and develop their intellectual property rights but also to defend them in case of conflict, more particularly within the scope of patent and trademark.

The firm’s varied clients include French and international companies in various fields such as the luxury industry, agribusiness, media, automotive, mechanical engineering, medical and research laboratories.

In addition the firm also has a strong network of French and international correspondents and partners in case of issues other than intellectual property. 

On occasion they are also required to organize, at the request of its customers, awareness training to the rights of intellectual property and the risks posed by counterfeiting, utilising their industry contacts and experience in the area.

By offering a wide range of services and endeavouring to ensure that every possible need of their client is met the firm has secured themselves as the IP lawyer of choice in France.

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