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ACCRALAW is a cohesive, multidisciplinary team of legal professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of wide-ranging legal practices and specialized fields. We profile Managing Partner, Emerico O. De Guzman, to learn more about hum, as well as the extraordinary services that ACCRALAW provide to their clients.

Since their inception in 1972, ACCRALAW has grown from a core group of six lawyers to a prestigious service organization of over 100 lawyers. Today, the firm has branches in thriving business and commercial centres, south of Metro Manila – Cebu and Davao.

Backed by over 30 years of extensive experience in the practice of law, ACCRALAW is also uniquely positioned to serve clients throughout the Philippines. In addition to this, but equally as important, the firm’s lawyers have vast cross-boarder experience in complicated international transactions and are able to quickly service and communicate with its international clients in real time.

Leading the firm is Emerico O. De Guzman, Senior Partner and Managing Partner of ACCRALAW. Emerico’s practice areas include Employment Law, Labor Relations and Litigation involving employment related issues. In addition to this, he has also advised several of the top multinational corporations in a variety of industries (manufacturing, semiconductor, offshoring and outsourcing, hotels and healthcare) with their labor and employment concerns. Throughout his career, Emerico has been recognized by numerous legal publications for his exceptional work and recently, he was selected by Acquisition Intl. in the Leading Adviser 2019 where he was righteously awarded the accolade Leading Labor and Employment Lawyer of the Year, Philippines.

Supporting Emerico in his mission to deliver an award-winning service to their clients, is the experienced, committed and hard-working team which forms the backbone of ACCRALAW. Over the years, the team at ACCRALAW has trained and produced an impressive list of top tier government officials which includes three Executive Secretaries, two Senate Presidents, six Senators and two SEC Chairpersons to name just a few.

Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, the team at ACCRALAW will continue to deliver an impeccable service, ensuring that they not only meet the requirements which have been set by their clients, but they also surpass their expectations. Moving forward, the ACCRALAW team hope to further expand both their business and services they offer to clients, especially as they continue to evolve and grow in today’s world of ever-changing technologies and shifting economic fortunes.


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