AI Marketing

Companies are facing a period of change, in many respects. First, doing business is quite different in a post-COVID-19 world. Some new ways of buying will remain forever. This will need to be addressed in the way companies market their products and services. Also, they have a new generation of consumers coming in, with the strengthening buying power of Generation Z, which will also mean adapting rapidly. Here is more on the digital marketing of tomorrow.

A change is a coming…

It would be foolish to think that businesses all woke up, during the sanitary crisis, and understood that they needed to get on board with digital marketing. Most were already involved in the practice and getting results. But it would not be far-fetched either to say that all companies have understood the real importance and effects that a well thought e-commerce campaign can have, and how customer success passes through not just great website design, but also through online marketing, as a whole.

To come to that understanding often meant asking the question: Do we have the necessary personnel in-house, in order to answer to digital marketing, in a professional and efficient way? The answer often came back negatively, as most companies do not have, yet, the qualified employees to handle all parts of digital marketing. That is when many of them turned towards companies such as 12Handz, that can provide digital solutions, to help grow their business. It goes from implementing a CRM, to automatizing the relationship with customers, making it more efficient, to rebuilding a new website, more adapted to the needs of SEO campaigns. It also helps reach a new generation of users. There is no doubt that such companies come in as help that is clearly needed and is still lacking in most businesses.


Reaching a new client base

Products and services (in most cases) should not be addressed to only a particular crowd, separated by age and sex. That is something that has become quite clear in a world where no-gender is becoming the norm, and people remain young throughout their whole life. But it should not be ignored that different generations need to be spoken to, differently. It is the case with Gen Z, which are reaching the level where their financial situation is sufficient for them to become good customers.

What really defines them, is how difficult they are to please. That is because they have grown up with the internet, and so, we can safely say, that they have seen it all. Therefore, they need a new kind of experience; one that will leave them hanging on the edge of their seat. It needs to incorporate as many of the digital marketing tools as possible, and hit precisely and efficiently at their needs. Therefore, new ideas will need to be brought in to companies, for them to reach their new target. Otherwise, they will quickly fall behind.


Establish Trust through the use of Various Digital Channels

The principle of advertising is that once someone has seen your company (products and services) sufficiently enough, they will start believing that you are a specialist in your sector. That is when they may start calling upon you, for whatever need you can fill, for them. Now that you have access to so many different potential digital channels, you can accelerate the process, by sending out the same message on each and every platform, at your disposal. That way, you create the necessary visibility, rapidly enough, for new customers to come calling. This is how you build the basic trust necessary for a person to start buying from your company.

But that won’t be sufficient, by itself. You will also need the same message to be sent out by third-parties. Influencers will continue to play a large role in the business world, in the next few years. The phenomenon will expand and go beyond the borders of how it currently functions, in order to create even more interest for products and services, by installing a sense of trust between them and their public. But the most important way will remain the Google search page results. If you don’t place enough energy and funds into becoming one of the top search results in your category, this will always be a difficult weakness that you will need to compensate for, through other digital marketing strategies.


Benefit from Artificial Intelligence

Companies that don’t take advantage of the information brought in through artificial intelligence will be the ultimate losers, in a race that won’t even be close. Now that AI can define perfectly what a person’s need and desires are, if you don’t acquire that information… well, your competitors will. That means they will deliver exactly what your customers want, and therefore, they will buy at their e-store and not on yours.

The need for companies to adapt to today’s digital marketing strategies cannot be minimized. Otherwise, they will fall back in the race for new customers. And that, in the real world, always ends badly.