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A company that is relentless in its devotion to customer service, innovation, and conservation, Lucion Services, in its 20 years of operating, has become a frontrunner in its industry. The winner of Best Risk Management & Environmental Services Firm 2022 – UK has impressed clients across the board, servicing over 1,500 different clients across a selection of industries. However, the company has no plans of stopping, and in 2022 endeavours to launch its new laboratory service.

For the past two decades Lucion Services’ main focus has been the safe management of hazardous materials, a service which it undertakes with great care and enthusiasm. Since its founding it has been essential for the company to consider what it can do to best serve its clients and reduce risks to their organisations, as well as their team and other individuals within their businesses and assets. Indeed, Lucion Services pays great attention to the protection of people and the planet, which is a mission that it decided upon during its early days and has consistently maintained over the years.

Serving as the UK’s leading environmental services group, and are accredited and certified experts in hazardous materials testing, inspection and management. Henceforth, Lucion Services offers a plethora of solutions, including sulphur testing, asbestos testing, and a full range of consultancy opportunities. Through each, Lucion Services endeavours to support its clients in achieving full compliance with occupational health, safety, sustainability, and environmental regulations both in the UK and overseas. Moreover, as the company operates the largest asbestos testing laboratory with SEM capabilities in Europe, its services are delivered with both quality and efficiency. This, of course, is further bolstered by its skilled scientific and technical teams, who work across a number of sectors and are renowned for their ability to produce work quickly, to an exceptionally high standard.

Offering its services to over 1,500 clients across 20 sectors including Utilities, Real Estate, Nuclear, Technology, Marine, Government, Education, Planning, and Development. As the market leaders, the company is trusted to deliver its services to corporate clients who require regulatory compliance to their buildings and/or assets. Through Lucion Services, each project operates seamlessly due to its vast knowledge and abundance of industry expertise. In turn, this provides clients with complete reassurance throughout their project, as the company is able to supply them with real time visibility of all hazardous materials and all risks.

In 2019 the company appointed a new CEO, Phil Rozier, who became responsible for the overall strategic direction of Lucion, working closely with the company’s private equity investors, Palatine. With over 17 years in the industry, Rozier initially joined the company in 2005 as a Regional Manager. Furthermore, the Sussex University alumni previously served as the director of the company, setting up Lucion Marine in 2008 and establishing the company’s Singapore office in January 2013. He is recognised for his expertise and experience and, therefore, he is a trusted industry thought leader. He also speaks at conferences around the globe.

Under his leadership, the team has flourished. Rozier has cultivated a like-minded community that harbour the same vision – to protect people and the planet. The team is aware of its responsibility and knows that the work it does has a direct impact on its clients, making a difference in their lives and businesses. Acting swiftly, decisively, and always with social impact at the heart of their decision making, the team is notable for its dedication to client-centricity. Consequently, it is how the company has built long lasting, sustainable relationships throughout its client base. Each decision that the team makes is guided by the company’s core values, and as a result the team repeatedly finds the perfect outcome.

Lucion Services is built upon a strong foundation of trust, a force that permeates throughout each branch of the company, as it allows for quality and value to be delivered at all times. Therefore, the company prioritises integrity and honesty, aiming for transparency within everything it does. Be it between employees or with clients, open communication and respect are treated as an imperative. The company is committed to sustainability. Indeed, the company hopes that environmentally sustainable practices are embedded into the work it does for each of its clients and for the communities that it impacts. As a result, the company strives to remain innovative, challenging itself and the way it works. Lucion Services is always looking for new ways to improve and evolve, as it wants to ensure that it continues to make a positive difference to people and the environment.

For Lucion Services, the past two years have been a careful balancing act of managing short term pressures against medium and long-term objectives. However, the company, in spite of the challenges it has faced, has continued to excel, and has displayed its resilience, resulting in significant growth. This greatly reflects the loyalty and support of its employees, partners, and clients, but also the importance of first class technical and regulatory services.

One key example of the company’s recent growth over the past year alone, is the acquisition of two new companies. Under the umbrella of Lucion Group, the company has taken on Delta-Simons, an established multi-disciplinary environmental and health and safety consultancy that provides trusted advice and solutions for sustainable development, and Aberdeen Radiation Protection Services, specialist providers of comprehensive and cost-effective radiation protection solutions. Furthermore, the company has been the recipients of the prestigious RoSPA Gold award, for which it was recognised for its innovative approach to health and safety, leading with a culture of continuous improvement.

However, the excitement never ends for the company, and throughout 2022 it plans to unveil numerous achievements and projects. Determined to create a positive change in the landscape of Lucion Services, 2022 will see the company increase its investment in its ‘beyond carbon neutral’ objectives. The overall aim for this project is to offset its current carbon production, but also continue to reduce and limit its carbon production where possible. Moreover, it aims to offset not only what’s leftover, but also an additional 50% of the output. Lucion Services plans to have set this in motion by December. Additionally, the upcoming year will see the opening of its brand new, state of the art laboratory extension. For its clients, both current and new, the laboratory service offerings will grow exponentially. This will further allow the company to offer additional testing services to its clients, without the burden of additional suppliers and their travel and resource requirements. In turn, this will aid in the reduction of its carbon output.

Indeed, it is clear that Lucion Services has no plans of slowing down and, instead, it is continuously gaining momentum. The company is deserving of Best Risk Management & Environmental Services Firm 2022 – UK, as it never fails to innovate, evolve, and create, whilst placing the clients at the heart of the business. For that reason it has not only accomplished unprecedented success, but it has become a leader and influencer in the risk management and environmental services industries.

For business enquiries, contact Lucy Armstrong from Lucion Services via their website – www.lucionservices.com

Phil Rozier, CEO
Phil Rozier, CEO