Pero Family Farms is a food production company based in Delray Beach, Florida focused on encouraging families to make better food choices. Since 1908 our family farms have grown out of our passion for food, a healthy environment and our sincere interest in producing the highest quality of food, both ethically and sustainably. Today we are a sustainable farm that grows a wide array of year-round vegetables offered in a variety of convenient packages.

As a company, we are committed to growing the highest quality of food. It is our mission to lead the industry in nutrition research and education. We support these goals with a philosophy of adhering to the highest morals and ethics in all of our business dealings, with our customers, treatment of our employees, as well as social and environmental policies.

As an agricultural industry leader in water recycling methods, we believe water conservation not only helps save water but also helps save entire eco-systems. Part of our water resource management includes using it in the most responsible and efficient means.

In regards to our approach to clients, innovation is the buzzword as we try to bring new ideas to the marketplace. Ultimately our goal is to make fresh products so that eating healthy becomes the norm. We believe it is not only about the food you and your family eat but rather about your lifestyle and the choices you make.

We are constantly adopting new tools in order to reduce the consumption of carbon emissions, utilising different forms of energy throughout the entire supply chain. Researching, tracking and analysing activities in order to monitor and evaluate the sources of carbon emissions is paramount as we look to develop alternative practices which will ultimately help our environment.

Growing nutritious food is only possible if you have got healthy soil, in this regard soil management is key. It is the soil that absorbs, transmits and holds the water for crops to use and there is much we do to manage and conserve the nature of our soil.

Going forward arguably one of the biggest challenges for Pero Family Farms will be the increased competition in our field. However, with the positive feedback we have received from our clients we are confident we can maintain our reputation in the industry and further grow as a company in the coming years.

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